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It is not for nothing that salami is considered to be the unofficial symbol of Italy. Almost every region of the country has its own unique recipe for this delicious sausage. Indeed, the Italians love and appreciate this delicacy so much that it can be found not only in various dishes, but even in museums. So what is salami? What is salami made of? Does it have the same meaning as salumi? Find out more about it to have no doubts anymore to buy salami online at Marky’s.
The delicacy is a traditional Italian sausage, which is characterized by using a variety of aromatic spices, as well as a surprisingly thin layer of white mold. Being one of the most popular and favorite varieties of sausages, dry salami’s amazing taste and aroma leaves no one indifferent, so it is often used to prepare sandwiches, as well as added to any appetizers.
In most cases, salami sausage is made of beef or pork. Sometimes donkey meat replaces them, but it is a rare occasion. The meat must be liberally seasoned with aromatic spices, and then carefully dried on the open fresh air. What about salumi, is it the same about it? Actually, this certain term refers not only to salami food, but to all Italian cold cuts, including following sub-categories – sаlumi, salamі, and salsiccа. It is predоminantly made of pork, however, some other meat kinds are also used.
This amazingly delicious appetizer has a very interesting history. The role of inventors of this famous sausage performed the Italian peasants. Due to the lack of special equipment and techniques, they met a serious problem – the storage time of the products was too short, that is why the task №1 was to prolong this period. In order to preserve the meat in good condition, the peasants began to liberally season the delicacy with salt. Thus, these culinary methods and room temperature ensured six months' storage of meat. Such plentifully salted piece of meat has become the prototype of the modern dried salami. By the way, the recipe of its preparation has been changed and improved several times during several centuries. For this reason, nowadays, salami is a special meat product, which is not only salted, but also a little bit smoked and stuffed with nutritious fat and fragrant spices.
Despite the fact that the salami is not considered to be the most useful sausage, a few thin slices will not harm your health. Thus, the healthiest kinds of it are those that are made of donkey meat. For sure, there is no antibiotics in it. Due to this fact, it is the most environmentally friendly type if compare to other meats. Moreover, the delicacy cooked from donkey meat contains useful proteins and minerals and is substantially free of fats.
There are so many types of salami exist, they depend on the kinds of fat inclusions, spices as well as on the degree of grinding meat products. Some of them are:
Genoa hard salami with its rich and always varied taste;
Salame di Felino with its unique receipt of preparation;
Tender and slightly salty Salame di Milano made of fine grinds of meat;
Hungarian style salami with a slightly spice taste, as well as aroma of spices with light smoke;
Salame Napoli with a sweetish flavor.
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There are special rules how to preserve this Italian food item: you should wrap it in clean foil or parchment paper and put in the fridge. Serve it only after removing artificial casing and cutting into thin slices. Nevertheless, there is another way. Gourmet salami should be hung up using a special construction so that every guest or family member of yours has an opportunity to cut a piece of sausage to the size they need. So buy salami for affordable salami price in the right places and preserve it in right conditions. We work only for you!