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Having some acquaintance with various delicacies of the European and Oriental cuisine helps us to obtain a much richer taste experience, as well as accustoms us to the diversity of ingredients used in cooking and simply amazes food lovers with fine lines of completely new flavors. Chorizo Sausage is one of those products that is enough to try once in order to remember the whole life: that bright red color and pleasant taste of meat, richly spiced with paprika, should not be confused with anything else! Confusion, however, may occur if you have decided to cook Spanish Chorizo at home, as it is pretty hard to distinguish Spanish recipe from the Mexican one, but in fact they are completely different products. So why do not you just buy Chorizo at Marky’s? We guarantee you excellent food items from the best manufacturers who make their gorgeous delicacies using only original recipes.
Outwardly, it is a long dry sausage made in Spain. However, there are many such foods on the market. We would say that this one has its own special features, which are some production secrets and, definitely, composition. So what is in Chorizo? Its recipe certainly includes red peppers (sweet, as well as hot pepper – depending on the certain receipt). Garlic is also a necessary component of the product. Concerning meat component, pork or mix of beef+pork can be used – in this way we call it Pork Chorizo. Some very exotic species include horsemeat, donkey meat, and what is more, especially rare Spanish delicacies may even consist of meat from mules. Therefore, it is probably pretty clear, and we hope you found out the answer to the question “What is Chorizo Sausage?” Nevertheless, it is still an open question of where to buy Spanish Chorizo.
If you prefer – you can serve it as usual sausage. However, you can also fry it on a pan. As an example, Cocido madrileño, a traditional Madrid stew, besides Spanish Chorizo, includes additional ingredients like many kinds of vegetables and Turkish peas. It is considered one of the greatest España dishes. The sausage is also an essential component for world-famous Paella.
First option is to cook it by yourself, but it may be not so easy even for the Spanish. Therefore, it would be better to simply purchase it from time-tested companies, and to cook something delicious. For example, the Spanish stew with beans, which consists of Spanish Sausage (250 grams), one onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 0.5 spoon of pimento (or bell peppers), 400 grams of juiced tomatoes, a carrot, 400 grams of any beans, half a glass of wine, cilantro and vegetable oil. Chorizo should be cut into large pieces and fried with onion, garlic and grated carrot, which are mixed on a pan 3 minutes before sausage; a little later tomatoes should be added. Pour it with wine and water, cover and bake 2 hours in an oven. Then add the beans and let the dish sit there additional half an hour. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve immediately. Bon appetite!
As you have already understood, this amazing delicacy can serve as a main component of a dish, so we strongly recommend you to cook something tasty with it, at least when you have time and right mood for it. For this aim, as well as for presenting it separately, you may use all the products from Marky’s collection, which contains Sliced Chorizo, Grill&bbq Chorizo, as well as regular and spicy sausage, etc. The star of our collection is Сhorizo Iberico made of valuable parts of the carcass of Iberian black pig, and for this reason, it is enjoying considerable popularity among gourmets. As for Chorizo price, it is absolutely affordable for everyone: you can buy 7.9 oz. for 12$ and 16 oz. only for 16.32$. Considering our regular discounts, it is will be problematic to find such extra quality products for such a modest sum of money. So Marky’s Gourmet Store is the best place where to buy chorizo!