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Happy Independence Day Recipes and Ideas

Happy Independence Day Recipes and Ideas

Party Ideas 12 June 2019

Independence Day is a celebration of our present wellbeing, of reunion with our families and friends, and of our aspirations for the future in the Land of Opportunity.

These are good things to toast on a festive picnic or cozy backyard cookout.

Also, you could bring an extra bottle of wine for adults and an extra bottle of lemonade for kids to commemorate Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, whose intellect and courage turned July 4 into an important day in the world history and into a grand national holiday.

You are right, such great toasts must be accompanied by delicious foods. So, let’s plan a scrumptious menu, which you can complement with adults’ and kids’ favorite beverages.

To add more flavors and colors to your Independence Day dinner, check out some recipes for fresh, no-cook starters, some recipes for grilled dishes, and some recipes for fruit desserts.