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From the days when members of the ancient Tequesta civilization poled and paddled down the New River to today’s thriving multibillion-dollar marine industry, Greater Fort Lauderdale’s more than 300 miles of waterways have always been central to the region’s rich nautical traditions and lifestyle.

Independence Day is a celebration of our present wellbeing, of reunion with our families and friends, and of our aspirations for the future in the Land of Opportunity.

These are good things to toast on a festive picnic or cozy backyard cookout.

Also, you could bring an extra bottle of wine for adults and an extra bottle of lemonade for kids to commemorate Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, whose intellect and courage turned July 4 into an important day in the world history and into a grand national holiday.

You are right, such great toasts must be accompanied by delicious foods. So, let’s plan a scrumptious menu, which you can complement with adults’ and kids’ favorite beverages.

To add more flavors and colors to your Independence Day dinner, check out some recipes for fresh, no-cook starters, some recipes for grilled dishes, and some recipes for fruit desserts.

May 12, Mother’s Day, must be the right date to pamper your mom with fulfilling at least one of her wishes. Think about what she really needs but boasts that she can go without it. Remember what she really likes but will never buyherself because she has more essential expenses to pay. Do you have any ideas going beyond flowers, cosmetics, and housewares?

Let Marky’s assist you in choosing an original gourmet gift that will surprise your mom, please her palate, and make the holiday truly memorable to her.

A friend's love is great. A sweetheart’s love is even greater. But a mother’s love is the greatest. This is a slightly paraphrased proverb and the gospel truth. A mother’s love is an inexhaustible resource that gives, supports, and protects life, happiness, and strength.

One day a year definitely isn’t enough to express all of the gratitude we have for everything our moms do or did for us. But still, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell our moms once again how much we love them and value their care about us through all the years.

How do you know that Christmas is coming? You don’t need a calendar to know it, right? You just feel it when you hear Dean Martin’s or Frank Sinatra’s Christmas songs in the local mall. Or when you suddenly come across a new holiday commercial from Coca-Cola. Or when your kid informs you that she will be Santa’s elf in a school play.

At such moments you realize that along with searching for a nice elf outfit you need to start hunting for presents, to remember where you put those boxes with Xmas ornaments, and to plan an unforgettable celebration in detail.

Have you already got enough candies and chocolate in reserve? Have you already decided where you’re going to place these big pumpkins? Oh! Hope you haven’t forgotten about absolutely outstanding costumes for your nearest and dearest, and for yourself, of course?

No? Phew! Then you’re almost ready to celebrate the sweetest national U.S. holiday. And we aren’t talking about St. Valentine’s Day now, seriously. If you are native to New England, you probably know it as Cabbage Night. You are highly likely to call it Devil’s Night if you live in Detroit. Or it might be more familiar to you as Gate Night if you come from the Middle West. Fortunately, in any case you mean no other holiday but Halloween! Or the night of October 30th and 31st, to be precise.

When Christmas holidays with their cozy home hustle and warm family dinners are gone, when there seems to be no more place for wonders and winter weekdays look all the same, – St. Valentine’s Day will come to cheer us up and once again adorn our homes and town shop windows with hearts, angels, flowers and other cute little things. The morning of February 14th will make us remember how important it is to tell our second halves that we love them and how wonderful it is to know that we are loved.

It is Christmas time again! How wonderful it is to repeat these words! Day after day more and more shop windows are getting decorated with smaller and bigger Santas and their reindeer, while the neighborhood is gradually turning into a fairytale town with numerous lights sparkling cheerfully as the evening comes. Beautiful Christmas songs are playing everywhere, and the spirit of the great holiday is hovering over houses and streets.

Thanksgiving originated in the former US in 1621, the day the first Pilgrims gathered their first harvest in the New World. The first celebration is believed to be attended by 90 Native Americans who actually taught Pilgrims to grow unfamiliar plants, particularly corn and beans. Turkey is the reminder of the 'Four Wild Turkeys' served at the first celebration, and the other traditional foods for the holiday are pumpkins and cranberries which are of North American origin as well.

Seems like it is the right time to carve pumpkins, check the number of intact candles and prepare a good basket of various sweets! Halloween is coming! Very soon, with all its festive spirit and fun, it will light up numerous jack-o’-lanterns, call kids to go trick-or-treat, and carry mouthwatering smells of delicious treats.

When it comes to the holiday home adornments and menu, Halloween time can always inspire you to create something really striking. Pumpkin lanterns and scarecrows, bats and spiders as well as the whole range of ghosts, witches and mummies will give your fantasy a good push and help you to come up with plenty of original and truly spectacular Halloween decorations.

In order to save your time for other holiday preparations, we have decided to look for some outstanding savory and sweet bits for your great menu on this All Saints’ Day, which could perfectly adorn your table and amaze your guests. Bet, they will add a few scarily awesome hints to the variety of your holiday treats, and surprise your nearest and dearest with their appearance and deliciousness.

Cheer up! It is October 2016, and again Halloween is coming with all its mysteries and magic. Noiseless, they will creep into our homes. The goldish glow of jack-o’-lanterns will light our rooms, and the cool October air will bring the delectable smell of a home-baked pumpkin pie.

Indeed, today it is completely impossible to imagine this fall holiday without its, probably, the brightest and most symbolic attribute. Pumpkins of all sizes and diverse colors are known to successfully serve both as quite a multifaceted festive home decoration and a multifunctional cooking ingredient.

So let us see how this wonderful fruit has appeared in Halloween traditional celebrations.