Caviar Gifts

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It is nearly always a real torture to choose the right present for a refined friend or business partner on some special occasion, especially to those ones who have literally everything. We would like to make your choice easier and thus we are offering you to choose one of our great Marky's Caviar Gift Sets!
We have a wide assortment of Caviar Gifts to choose from — each of them consists of glass jars with various high-grade caviars, blinis, Crème Fraîche, and a special mother of the pearl spoon with a dish to enjoy the caviar in the right way. All the products are carefully packed in our special branded luxurious thermal bag to keep all the precious and perishable contents cool and fresh for as long as possible.
Nations Caviar Gift Basket is a caviar set consisting of great American caviars harvested from Hackleback, Paddlefish, Bowfin, and Salmon, each packed in 1 ounce glass jar, one set of cocktail size blini, a Crème Fraîche, and a Mother of Pearl Spoon with Mother of Pearl Dish, all packed in a Gift Package.
Global Caviar Gift Basket — a set from different parts of the world comprising of great California Osetra, Whitefish Golden, Stromulga, and Wasabi Sushi Caviars, with a great accompaniment of fresh blini, Crème Fraîche, and Mother of Pearl Spoon with Mother of Pearl Dish for an ideal serving. All items supplied in a branded Marky's Gift Package.
Gourmet Caviar Gift Basket — an interesting and original set of French Baeri and Red Sushi Caviars, accompanied by a tin of Foie Gras and Black Truffle in a jar giving a possibility to make a great dinner. Along with them we supply Blini, Crème Fraîche, a Mother of Pearl Spoon and a Mother of Pearl Dish all in a special gift package.
Aqua Caviar Gift Basket — offers our best choice of Farmed Caviars from best aquafarms of the world like Italian Baeri, Karat Amber from Israel, and California Osetra. To make the right serving we supply a pack of fresh Blini, Crème Fraîche and Mother of Pearl Spoon with a Mother of Pearl Dish, all packed in a Marky's Gift Package.
A special gift for those you value most is the Marky's Luxury Caviar Gift Basket including the World Top Caviars — the Imperial, Osetra, and Sevruga Caviars. These masterpieces of nature are accompanied by a pack of Blini, Crème Fraîche, Mother of Pearl Spoon and Mother of Pearl Dish for not to spoil the delicate caviar taste. All the items are packed in a special Marky's branded thermal Gift Package.
We also have a special offer for those who already has his favorite caviar or would like to try something new — single caviar set accompanied by cocktail size Russian or French handmade blinis in a vacuum pack, and a pack of a perfect Crème Fraîche for a great gourmet impression. There are sets with American White Sturgeon, Hackleback, Kaluga Amber, Osetra, Osetra Karat Amber, Osetra Karat Black, Paddlefish, Sevruga, Siberian Sturgeon, and Sterlet caviars.
And last but definitely not least — a special Caviar Gift Card that allows your friend, partner, family member or your beloved person to choose the from our incredible big assortment of worlds best caviars he or she likes most.
No matter which occasion it is now, you may be absolutely sure you always have a great idea for a special dinner or an original gift idea. And make sure your close friends know about your favorite caviars too!