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Fresh Truffles

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Fresh truffles at their best from France and Italy are available for sale at Marky’s every season. Winter whites, winter blacks, and summer blacks make the glorious gourmet collection we are so proud to share with you.
Whatever the season on the calendar, now you can buy the legendary truffles online and enjoy them at home. Just a few slices will flavor up your favorite dish, making it worth being listed on the menu of an haute couture restaurant.
Mind the truffles’ Latin names. They are often used in the lists of ingredients for truffle specialties’, like truffle oil or sauce. So, you’ll know for sure if an oil or sauce really contains the valuable fungus.
Italian Winter White
Tuber Magnatum.
The most expensive truffle with the most powerful aroma (and almost no particular taste).
Comes from the woodlands of Italy and can’t be cultivated in the orchard.
Firm, pale amber with grayish or brownish veining.
Use it raw as a condiment to your dishes for no longer than five days.
French Winter Black
Tuber Melanosporum.
Also known as the Périgord truffle or “black diamond” of the kitchen.
Looks like a potato with its dark, warty skin and tastes like heaven with its pungent, musky flavor.
When mature, has dark grayish flesh with white veins.
Acts perfectly as an ingredient, especially when added towards the end of the cooking process.
French Summer Black
Tuber Aestivum.
Considered the most commonly available type of truffles.
The interior is the color of milk chocolate and permeated with the web of whitish veins.
Has a distinguishing sweetish earthy flavor with delicate hints of hazelnut and cocoa.
Burgundy Winter Truffle
Tuber Uncinatum.
The fall variety of the summer truffle harvested from September to January.
Comes from the same region of France as the famous red wine.
Is less pungent than the typical winter truffle and mostly resembles the summer truffle with its flavors.
The prices you see in our store are set either for 1 oz. of truffles or for typical weight of 1.28 oz.
Please note that the actual weight of the shipped order may vary. So, you’ll be charged based on the actual weight delivered.
All fresh truffles are available by pre-order. This is how we ensure that you receive them at their best and freshest.
We ship truffles via FedEx Priority Overnight. And your delicate purchase will be delivered to you in four-seven business days after you made the order.
Winter truffles are usually packed in paper bags, while their summer cousins are packed in vacuum bags with rice. Such packages help keep truffles dry, thus preventing them from rotting, and retain their natural aroma.
The delivered truffles may slightly differ from one another in color and size. This is because these fungi are shipped to you right from the wild ground, where the only standard is the standard of the rich fragrance.
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