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The first well-known delicacy is caviar: it was the 11th century when Grand Dukes of Kievan Rus' delivered it to the monks of the monasteries in Mount Athos. Second famous delicacy is much younger – about two hundred years if to look at the historical record. It is called pate de foie gras – the French symbol and pride. It is hard to imagine that many people cannot give an exact answer to the question – what is pate de foie gras, and not everyone possesses the knowledge of the history of this dish, that is really interesting, by the way.
What is that & Interesting facts about origin. In French, the word "pate" originally had a meaning of a puff pastry pie filled with finely minced meat, poultry or fish. Later, the dish was prepared without that crispy, crumbly crust. Meat or liver were rubbed through a sieve, and then stacked with the finest strips of rabbit, quail, or chicken meat, also adding some spices and mushrooms. The French were giving different exotic names to this perfected delicacy, and these names accurately indicated on the form, nevertheless, did not reflect the complexity of its cooking process and the real nutritional value of its components.
According to a standardized definition, it is a paste-like product, which consists of minced meat, made from raw or cooked meat, with the addition of fat, heat-treated or baked in a metal form. It can be made both from meat and fish, as well as from liver – beef, pork, chicken one; however it is common knowledge that duck or goose one is the best choice ever! Pate de foie gras will give you an unbelievable gourmet experience! It will tickle your taste buds with the combination of delicate savory notes.
The story of the foie gras pate emerging is accurately recorded; and even the memories of the very first taster have been preserved. It happened in Alsace in 1778 when The Marquis de Contades, marshal of France and governor of Strasbourg, told the chef Jean-Pierre the phrase, which became very famous: "Today I want to entertain the guests with the authentic French cuisine". For this reason, the chef created a new dish, and called it "pâté de foie gras". Immediately after that historic dinner, The Marquis de Contades ordered to cook a large portion of pate de foie, which was sent to Paris for King of France Louis XVI to have a try. Exquisiteness of the new dish had been highly praised. Since then, goose liver pate has been regarded as the greatest dish of the French cuisine. Nowadays, duck liver pate, another kind of foie gras, is winning more and more people’s hearts around the world.
The question is what to choose – duck or goose pate? Every person has their own views on the matter, as the taste of these two kinds is not the same: goose liver is larger, has a delicate and refined taste, whereas duck pate is more flavorful, has a specific saturated taste. These days, 90% is made from duck liver and only 10% - from goose one. All in all, it depends on you which kind to prefer, and the thing that depends on us is to offer you a place where to buy liver pate. Our online catalog shows you a range of exclusive products at reasonable prices. To make the cost even more affordable, we present to your attention duck and goose liver pate for sale. Do not forget to consider such a great proposal.