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Are you looking for the dish to refresh your spirit and delight the palate? What can be better than foie gras, then? This unique product is a great part of French gastronomy that is, according to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, regarded as a world cultural heritage. How can we miss the chance to introduce it to our dear guests?
“Fatty liver” authentic product is used in different variations to make it possible to seize a wide range of dishes (main ones, and appetizers as well) it can be an ingredient in. Thus, it is represented in four main forms:
Cru or raw foie gras has a high demand in many countries, but above all else – the USA, Canada, Hungary – France is obviously a leader, as it is the homeland of the product. The demand is rising there at the end of the year during Christmas holidays. Foie gras raw type is usually cut into slices; smooth and of a round form. The most important thing is that it requires cooking, so you can use it for a special receipt you have a desire to prepare. Its cooking is a very delicate process.
Frais or fresh foie gras is the dish for every day. It can be presented in its original form, or you can handle any cooking method. This type is subjected to mild heat treatment but is not sterilized or pasteurized. It is better not to keep the product for a long time but to enjoy the exquisite taste as soon as possible after purchasing.
Semi-conserve (also pasteurized) is a half-finished product in a jar that can be stored in the fridge for three months if has already been open. Keeps the taste of fresh foie; its production is governed by strict regulations. Sometimes truffles can be added (usually not less than 3%).
De conserve or canned foie gras - sterilized and preserved in its own fat to be stored for years in a cool and dark place. It is getting better with time like wine.
Fresh duck foie gras is the type we present in this catalog thereby emphasizing the need to taste this exact food item. Marky’s offers such variations. First one – whole (entier) that can be made from one foie gras lobe, and from two as well (both available at our store); the food item is supplied by Rougie and Hudson Valley companies – best manufacturers of a lobe of foie gras. Second one is presented in slices, last one is perfect cubes of liver – foie gras morsels. The decision which kind to choose depends on your ideas of presentation (in what way the dish should be served) and the receipt itself: it can be a light salad with liver morsels, or an appetizer with liver slices, and so much more ways to use the delicacy. Remember, whatever meals you decide to cook, fresh foie gras online is always available at our gourmet store. Our recommendation is to use foie gras grade A, which you can find in this section, as it is the top quality liver. It is considered to be an excellent variant for poaching, grilling, or pan-searing, as well as for making terrines and other low-heat cooking methods.
Another decision to make is to choose between fresh goose liver, with its delicate texture, and fresh duck liver, that is characterized by solely rich flavor. The chosen fresh product comes in two main forms – chilled and frozen foie gras. The last type can be stored up to one year but it loses flavor over time. That is why, the faster you use it, the less difference you will feel. The defrost process of frozen duck liver should be done immediately before cooking but the main condition is to do it in refrigerator, so that the process is quite slow. Observance of these conditions will keep the taste of the product (it does not matter whether it is fresh goose foie gras or duck one) and reduce the loss of its fat during frying, which is an essential factor for this specific delicacy.