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Probably the most perfected and traditional type of the duck or goose liver dishes is so-called foie gras cuit, meaning is fully-cooked. Other two types are cru (or raw) and mi-cuit (or semi-cooked) ones. Let us find out the difference, so that we are able to distinguish cooked delicacy.
Raw kind is fresh liver that should be sauteed or pan-fried rapidly;
Semi-cooked type refers to the liver being cooked rather than raw, it can be stored in the refrigerator but not too long (for a few weeks);
Fully-cooked preparation involves prolonged heating, it is actually a raw liver that has been cooked, sterilized and after all preserved in its own fat. Packed in a glass jar or tin, this product appears in the form of canned foie gras, and can be stored for several years even without refrigeration. So keeping some jars of it will always help you to amaze the guests, the unexpected visit of whom is not a problem anymore but a pleasant surprise.
As you have already understood, here we have the honor to present you the third type of foie gras, however, more detailed information about cru and mi-cuit varieties is always available at Marky’s, so we highly recommend you to be familiar with it.
It is generally accepted that fully-cooked duck/goose liver should be divided into three main groups:
1.Foie gras entier is considered to be the purest form of foie gras, as it consists of a whole foie gras, without any additives, that if formed from one or two lobes. It is the product that has been cleaned and sterilized-cooked in its own fat; it should also be seasoned (permitted seasonings are only salt, sugar, spices and herbs, grape vodka, liqueur and dry wines). Having a dense and firm texture, foie entier is uniform in color after cutting. It can be made both of duck and of goose liver with each of them having its own refined taste. The most traditional way to present it sliced on toasted bread, with exquisite fruits, fine jams, and paired with sweet white wine.
2.Bloc de foie gras is a pate-like mass made of duck or goose liver containing at least 90% of foie gras cooked with seasonings and water. Having a homogeneous mousse texture, it is very easy to spread on toasts, and for this reason, the dish is regarded as a great appetizer in gourmet picnic tables. Regardless of its a bit cheaper price, such pate-like mass can also be presented in another more luxury way – blocs de foie gras avec morceaux, characterized by adding pieces of whole foie gras, which can be distinctly seen after cutting.
3.Foie gras specialties contain a minimum of 50% foie, and other components as diverse as duck magret, pork pate, goose stuffing, truffles, raisins, figs, alcohol. Such food items have different designations depending on the percentage of foie gras they consist of (mousses, pates, galantines and so on and so forth). This online catalog, in particular, offers you Mousse of Duck Foie Gras by Rougie and the same delicacy By Rougie but with the addition of truffles, rare mushrooms with tantalising taste and aroma.
Marky’s duck liver fully-cooked products consist of exceptionally ready-to-serve dishes, including pressed foie gras. Which one to choose is a matter of taste. Just do not waste time and try the exquisite dishes that will definitely bring a sophisticated delight for your palate.