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Many deli recipes of the modern cuisine have a very interesting history; rillettes are also not an exception, as their history goes back many centuries. Beginning from the 15th century, this dish has been traditionally cooked using pork (by the way, Rabelais, a major French Renaissance writer, called it "the brown jam from the pig"). The meat was salted and cubed, then cooked slowly over low heat until very tender, and blended with the warm cooking fat to form a rustic paste. The technology of preparation, that has been implemented (in particular, the covering with melted fat), provided long-term storage of the product. It was found out later that only thanks to this special preservation method the taste of the dish becomes very intense. Thus, we can enjoy it in the 21th century, putting a special emphasis on duck rillettes.
It is an interesting fact that in the past this exclusive appetizer was called "pate of the poor" because of the consistency, which was not that smooth as the texture of real pate, but fibrous. However, it is very appreciated among the gourmets. So, what is a rillette now, and what is it made from in the 21th century? In spite of using pork earlier, as for now it is usually made from fatty meats, nevertheless, the choice is various: goose, chicken, rabbit, game birds, and sometimes with fish such as salmon, tuna, or anchovies. Duck rillette is probably the best choice you can make, as it is not only delicious but very healthy, too. It is the dish which Marky’s store offers you to try. Rillettes du Périgord by Terroirs d'Antan, as well as Rillettes with Duck Foie Gras by Rougie have an enormously pleasant smell, so that it is impossible to remain indifferent. Moreover, they can be stored for a long time (if refrigerated) without spoiling, and after some time the taste will just be better.
Duck meat lovers should be familiar with the duck rillette recipe we have prepared for you in our blog, as the quantity of receipts using this kind of meat is actually not that considerable if compare to ones with chicken, for example. So use the opportunity to prepare another tasty dish, having a look at Marky’s duck rillettes recipe. We recommend you to cook plenty of rillettes, place the product in the glass jars or ceramic pots, cover with a thin layer of fat, put down the lid, put in a cool place for a couple of weeks. Serve as a cold appetizer with lightly toasted rustic bread, pre-warmed to room temperature. Bon appetite!
Foie Gras & Rillettes is another great combination of the confit duck flavors and authentic foie gras. This luxury version of appetizer should be used and will be absolutely appropriate for a specific occasion. Serve slightly chilled, liberally spread on the toasts, accompanied by a bottle of Monbazillac. These specific products are available here at reasonable prices. Order Rillettes with Duck Foie Gras by Rougie right now, and, as a result, you will be satisfied with the flexible terms of delivery that we offer to the dear customers, an unbelievable taste and high quality of every single position of our online catalog. Do not be shy – and have a try!