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Anchovies & Boquerones

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In the vast variety of seafood fish is definitely one of the most valuable, affordable, versatile and nutritious gifts we have received from the World Ocean for thousands of years. Today it invariably remains a key ingredient in original cuisines across continents and islands, as well as a nice product to experiment with in case you want to create something absolutely special.Regardless of its type, origin, size or shape, in gastronomy fish always leaves room for a cook’s fantasy. So, here we are going to help you discover the grand culinary options provided by a relatively small fish, known as Anchovy.
Comparing to other sea water migratory fishes, anchovy is rather small. The average length of its body rarely exceeds 6 inches (or 15 cm). Anchovies inhabit temperate waters of the Mediterranean and North Atlantic, where they are fished from the middle of spring till the middle of fall. During this time period anchovy schools rise from a depth of 100 meters to the sea surface, therefore creating favorable conditions to begin a traditional fishing season. Sparkling in the sunlight, these silver-green fishes seem like emeralds or diamonds, gently rocking in the shallow water waves.
Due to the fact that anchovy food value is quite high, the fish has been successfully pickled since ancient times. The Romans used it to prepare a briny sauce. They called it garum, and it had an impressively long shelf life.
Nowadays, the diversity of anchovy preserves will amaze the most discerning aficionado. Even when you already know where to buy anchovies, still you may feel a little lost deciding what kind of them you actually want. Their incredible diversity includes filleted and non-filleted versions, dried, cured or packaged in olive, sunflower or vegetable oil, sometimes with garlic, herbs or spices added. Also, there is a famous Spaniard-style fish treat boquerones, which is considered a must-have for traditional Spanish tapas. Generally, a boquerone is an anchovy fillet soaked in vinegar.
Before buying anchovies, most chefs recommend to decide in advance what exactly you need them for. The thing is that, for example, pickled anchovies are meant more for eating, while their salt- and oil-packed counterparts also hold rightful places among other ingredients for different dishes.
Despite the fact that in recent years the average price of anchovies has increased, this fish is still held in high esteem, especially by those who prefer piquant and umami flavors in their meals. Moreover, anchovy refers to naturally oily-rich fish, so most of its varieties will benefit to any diet. It contains a large number of essential vitamins and minerals, along with vital omega-3 fatty acids and special healthy fats that are claimed to reduce the level of bad cholesterol.
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