Cheese Samplers

Cheese Samplers
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Just imagine your favorite cheeses assembled in one place at one time, and you will be able to appreciate the neat idea of a delectable cheese set. You will be surprised to find out how versatile and ubiquitous a fine cheese assortment featuring several carefully selected cheeses may be. It will definitely become an integral part of your every meal, and turn it into an exquisite masterpiece of the culinary art.
There is actually no single principle manufacturers should follow to combine cheeses into cheese sets. Usually they include four or five items that may come from different countries and have different qualities. The assorted cheeses mostly possess diverse textures and flavors, which will give you a great opportunity to experiment with a wide range of different dishes, from light and dainty appetizers to sublime and exotic desserts.
The cheese set is also an excellent thing when it comes to choosing gifts. So, if you are still puzzling your brains about an original present for your nearest and dearest, friends or colleagues, be sure to look for a superb set-up of the premium cheese samples. However, you should also take into account the preferences of the person you are going to please, and whether he or she is sensitive to dairy.
At Marky’s Gourmet Shop we have prepared a selection of splendid assortments for you to choose your best gourmet cheese sampler. Here you will find some of the best cheeses from France, Italy and Spain brought together in order to satisfy even the most discerning cooks and cheese connoisseurs.
Cheese is probably one of our brightest associations with French cuisine. The French cheeses are always pervaded with the pristine French elegance which shows itself in their noble interiors and flavor characteristics. For our French sets we have collected a large variety of delightful cheeses, such as original velvety and aromatic Camembert, buttery and nutty Comte aged in special mountain caves, traditional Pont l’Evèque with its subtle creamy taste, as well as some other outstanding cheeses.
The country of divine art, music and literature, Italy can also boast a wonderful cuisine. The world fame of its wonderful dishes is closely connected with the Italian cheesemaking tradition. It means that we just cannot imagine Italian pizzas, pastas, lasagnas, risottos and many other popular recipes without completing them with a perfect Italian cheese. Besides, it will also add a fine zest to any cheeseboard. Our Italian assortments include classic and noble Pecorino and Grana Padano, blue-veined piquant Gorgonzola, grand Mozzarella, gorgeous Caciotta al Tartufo studded with black truffles, and this is not the end of the list.
Everything we associate Spain with is bright, lively, vigorous and full of diversity. The same is absolutely true about the cheese. The Spanish queso made according to old artisanal techniques runs the gamut of textures and features a rich palette of flavors. Our Spanish set is presented by full-flavored Manchego, piquant nutty Mahon, original zesty Idiazabal, and tender fruity Murcia al Vino with ivory-white interior and intriguing purple rind washed in red wine.