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Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC and Marky's have become the only legal purveyors of purebred beluga caviar in the United States, launching the highly-sought after product on Marky’s website and in its offline stores this month.

Since 1983, Florida-based Marky’s Caviar Group has been an innovator within the specialty retail and caviar business, having been among the first in the U.S. to import rare varieties of caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, charcuterie and other fine foods.

One aquafarm has set out to make America a producer of this delicacy.

Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC and Marky's jointly start the sale of purebred Beluga Caviar across the United States, becoming the only legal purveyors of this highly sought-after delicacy in America.

By Nicole Danna, June 30, 2020.
Marky’s Gourmet, one of Miami's largest gourmet markets, isn't just in the business of selling its inventory of about 600 luxury foods. Recently, the company became the largest — and only— producer of beluga caviar in the United States.

Marky’s, a caviar dealer, now sells beluga raised in at an aquafarm in Florida.
By Florence Fabricant, June 29, 2020

An American aquaculture farm is now selling the delicacy that has been banned for import since 2005.
By Rachel Cormack, The Robb Report on June 23, 2020

If you weren’t born in Japan or in the Mediterranean, you know for sure that only dark chocolate, coffee and tea can be black. Even though these foods are actually not black but rather dark brown, everyone’s fine with “black.” We all know it since childhood.

So, should you surrender to your curiosity and try really black pasta or really black risotto? Black foods are both attractive and intimidating. While red color smells and tastes with strawberry, and green color smells and tastes with fresh cucumber, we can hardly associate black color with something edible. Until we find out about squid ink.

Christmas is a milestone that marks the end of what we’ve been through and the beginning of what’s awaiting us.

Christmas is a point in time and space where our past meets our future. And while our memories are hanging out with our anticipations, we can peacefully enjoy the moment together with our dearest and nearest.

This feeling of joy that we are sharing with the people we love makes Christmas time magic and warm, despite the winter weather. Rain and snow forecasts are powerless to stop the holiday hustle and bustle, sounding with Dean Martin’s and Frank Sinatra’s songs, smelling with pine and citrus.

So are the gloomy weather forecasts powerless to prevent us from shopping in search of beautiful gifts and delicious foods.

Park your broom and sit for a spell! It’s Halloween!

There it is, right around the corner, taking quick peeks to see if you are ready for the sweet and spooky celebration. Or probably, it’s just a ghost yard stake, which your neighbor has set up on their lawn.

So, let’s look through your Halloween checklist and see what else can help you throw a spook-tacular bash for your dearest and nearest.