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Ritzy Restaurant: Bourbon Steak Miami Is A Foodie’s Dream Dining Destination

by Leslie J. Kraft

Come for happy hour and stay all evening when you visit Bourbon Steak Miami to satisfy your inner-foodie’s craving for fine dining. 

After 15 years with an import ban, Americans will now be able to purchase purebred Beluga caviar across the country. It's now officially legal for consumption all thanks to one company, Marky's Caviar. Starting off at a staggering $420 for just half an ounce, you can now have the ultra-rare Beluga caviar delivered straight to your doorstep. Historically, this item was seen as a luxurious product in fine-dining or white glove celebrations (via Bloomberg). However, the roles have since reversed and we can now see caviar on everything from potatoes to donuts.

By Arlene Borenstein-Zuluaga
South Florida Sun Sentinel | Feb 18, 2021 at 11:06 AM

By Ben Crandell
South Florida Sun Sentinel | Feb 18, 2021 at 4:18 PM

Pure beluga caviar, a banned U.S. import, is a rare dining experience unless you’re a member of the international jet set. Or a South Florida resident.Beluga sturgeon aren’t much to look at, but Miami’s Mark Zaslavsky has carried on a decades-long affair with these critically endangered fish, pampering them for years in exchange for caviar made from their eggs.

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Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC and Marky's have become the only legal purveyors of purebred beluga caviar in the United States, launching the highly-sought after product on Marky’s website and in its offline stores this month.

Since 1983, Florida-based Marky’s Caviar Group has been an innovator within the specialty retail and caviar business, having been among the first in the U.S. to import rare varieties of caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, charcuterie and other fine foods.

One aquafarm has set out to make America a producer of this delicacy.

Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC and Marky's jointly start the sale of purebred Beluga Caviar across the United States, becoming the only legal purveyors of this highly sought-after delicacy in America.

By Nicole Danna, June 30, 2020.
Marky’s Gourmet, one of Miami's largest gourmet markets, isn't just in the business of selling its inventory of about 600 luxury foods. Recently, the company became the largest — and only— producer of beluga caviar in the United States.

Marky’s, a caviar dealer, now sells beluga raised in at an aquafarm in Florida.
By Florence Fabricant, June 29, 2020