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By Laura Reiley
April 22 at 7:00 AM

FORBES, by Priya Shukla, Contributor
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Marky’s Caviar, a Florida company, opens a New York branch.
A Caviar Shop With a Tasting Menu, on the Upper East Side.

By Florence Fabricant, The New York Times.

Spring is the best season to start fulfilling our new year’s resolutions. The year has just begun. Let’s not count the two months of unpredictable weather and annual reporting. We still have lots of time to realize our aspirations. What are they? INSIDER claims that in 2019 most adult Americans have promised to form and stick to healthy eating and activity habits. Good luck to us all with that!

Probably, this INSIDER’s article with all the eloquent statistics got into the hands of some leading guys from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This year, within the National Nutrition Month campaign they decided to increase our awareness of the importance of healthful nutrition and active lifestyle, honoring NNM as its own theme.

So, in March, get ready to convert into a smart eater and willing regular of the gym.

There are a lot of things that you can do alone. You can sail solo around the world, enjoying sunrises and sunsets in the middle of blue salty nowhere. You can take a nap by yourself, enjoying a whole warm blanket and a big bed.  

But what you can never do alone is dancing a tango, the dance of love. Because it takes two to tango. And even if you don’t dance, it still takes two – you and your second half – to love.

Have you already guessed the song quoted here? Written and published back in 1952 by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning, the song “Takes Two to Tango” owes its half century’s popularity to Pearl Bailey, Louis Armstrong, and Ray Charles, whose recordings still keep reminding us about the essence of true love.

True love always takes two.

by Jenny Splitter
Contributor, Food & Drink

“For the last 35 years, we’ve been in the business of importing and distributing caviar,” begins Mark Zaslavsky, a Ukrainian emigre and an owner of Sturgeon Aquafarms, a Florida-based caviar aquaculture facility that counts the rare and prized beluga variety amongst its offerings.

Once upon a time, Calvin Coolidge noted that Christmas was neither a time nor a season. Christmas was a state of people’s minds.

This holiday goes beyond the fixed date and traditional festivities. Christmas is a feeling – a very special feeling that occurs to us only once in twelve months. But that is where the magic of Christmas lies.

Christmas celebration is one of very few things that keep happening year after year, but never turn into a routine. What is more, we all anticipate this celebration, regardless of our ages, professions, and hobbies.

On Thanksgiving Day we can celebrate what we are sincerely thankful for. And this is the best part of this national holiday. It brings families together. It brings warm memories back. It brings true gratitude into our life. At least for one day – for the fourth Thursday of November.

BASCOM, MIAMI, October 22, 2018.

Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC, the exclusive aquaculture facility in the possession of the Caspian Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso) in the United States and the largest Beluga fish farm in the world, together with Marky’s Caviar, it’s exclusive distributor of Beluga caviar in the US, today jointly announced that a planned sustainable production of the world renown Beluga caviar for the 2018 holiday season would be reduced due the aftermath of hurricane Michael.

“This extremely powerful storm, that recently swept Northern Florida, caused widespread damages, including electrical power outages leading to a disruption of our 2018 production cycle.” – said Mark Zaslavsky, Managing Partner of Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC and CEO of Marky’s Caviar. “Despite this extraordinary situation, we are committed to delivering our first harvest of this locally produced highest-quality Beluga caviar. We are doing everything possible so the gourmet food lovers from around the world can enjoy this exclusive delicacy.”

By Cliff White
October 24, 2018

Sturgeon Aquafarms, which produces caviar and sturgeon meat at its farm in Bascom, Florida, suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Michael, forcing a reduction of its production of beluga caviar in advance of the 2018 holiday season.

Why do we like Labor Day? Because this holiday is always a pleasant added bonus to the first fall weekend? Yep, let’s count this idea. Why else?

Because Labor Day celebration is held all over the US to pay tribute to all working people, regardless of their professions, work experience, and spheres of activity. Right. Labor Day honors our application of knowledge and skills to the jobs we do, as well as our very desire to make a decent living.