We’re thrilled to announce that Marky's has been featured in Harper's Bazaar for our exquisite offering, the Marky’s Beluga (Grade 000) Deluxe Experience. This prestigious recognition highlights our unwavering dedication to satisfying the most discerning palates of chefs, experts, aficionados, and lovers of gourmet delicacies.


Harper's Bazaar, a beacon of sophistication and style, has spotlighted our premium offering as a standout choice in their recent coverage. Our Marky’s Beluga (Grade 000) Deluxe Experience epitomizes luxury and refinement, making it the ultimate indulgence for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


In the article, Harper's Bazaar delves into the essence of our deluxe experience, emphasizing its unparalleled quality and exceptional taste. This recognition not only celebrates our commitment to excellence but also solidifies our position as a leader in the world of gourmet food.


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