A friend's love is great. A sweetheart’s love is even greater. But a mother’s love is the greatest. This is a slightly paraphrased proverb and the gospel truth. A mother’s love is an inexhaustible resource that gives, supports, and protects life, happiness, and strength.

One day a year definitely isn’t enough to express all of the gratitude we have for everything our moms do or did for us. But still, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell our moms once again how much we love them and value their care about us through all the years.

GiftGuide 1 1Every year this holiday lands on the second Sunday of May, warm and gentle spring month.

It seems like there is no better time for such a celebration. Just like spring revives and fosters the world around us, each mom cherishes her child, helping him or her grow up and mature. It’s no wonder we observe Mother’s Day in May.

On top of its perfect timing, this holiday definitely comes with an interesting backstory.

Julia Ward Howe, Anne Jarvis, and Woodrow Wilson

It’s believed that Julia Ward Howe, an American women’s rights activist, pacifist, abolitionist, and writer of the late 19th century, could be the first initiator of the establishment of Mother’s Day. But her idea was to unite mothers against wars rather than to honor motherhood. In 1870, she wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, appealing to “womanhood throughout the world” to promote peace.

Howe didn’t find much support among the US government, so her initiative ebbed away.

But it didn’t die. In May 1908, Anne Jarvis, a public activist, held a small local ceremony in Grafton, West Virginia, to commemorate her departed mother, Anne Reeves Jarvis. This woman was also known as Mother Jarvis, a dedicated teacher, activist, and church member.

That spring day was destined to become the first celebration of a big national holiday, honoring all mothers not only in the US but also around the world.

Ms. Anne Jarvis’ idea, which she eagerly promoted in her booklets, in letters to civic organizations and political figures, and during in-person discussions and speeches, drew the attention of the mayor of Philadelphia. He was the first to proclaim a local Mother’s Day in the city.

More and more states began to adopt the holiday. So, the Representative of Alabama and the Senator of Texas came up with a resolution to Congress that Mother’s Day should be celebrated all over the country.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill that officially proclaimed Mother’s Day a national US holiday, which would be devoted “to the best mother in the world – your mother”.  

And the best mother must be given only the best presents.

If you’d like to opt for something tangible and special, here at Marky’s Gourmet Store we are happy to help you choose the freshest and finest delicacies that will pleasantly surprise your dear mom.

We’ve selected the most harmonious combinations of gourmet foods and would like to offer you these ten delicious gift sets. Any of these collections will add scrumptious flavors to your Mother’s Day celebration.

Trout Roe, Brillat Savarin, and Favorite Champagne or White Wine

This savory trio will surprise your significant other with an amazing mixture of tastes that seem absolutely incompatible at first sight. Bubbly, salmon roe or smoky trout roe adds an intriguing tanginess to the thick and creamy Brillat Savarin, while the cheese makes roe beads taste smoother and more tender. Your mom’s favorite beverage will successfully accompany this fabulous symphony of flavors.

Caviar, Crème Fraiche, and Smoked Salmon

If your mom prefers the classics, this trio is a perfect gift option. Caviar, salmon, and crème fraiche get along with one another flawlessly, so this assortment is going to be a great choice. The three delicacies, presented with sincere love, will help you make your mom’s holiday even happier and truly unforgettable.

Smoked Salmon, Blue Cheese, and Bacon

Smoked salmon pairs incredibly well with smoked pork loin and blue cheeses, like Gorgonzola cheese or Danablu. Although this combination of flavors isn’t very standard, it can be an interesting solution for moms who like doing culinary experiments and sharing their delicious results with their nearest and dearest.

Pecorino, Salami, and Apricot Preserve

Spoil your mom with another classic but piquant combination of tastes. Salty, nutty Pecorino cheese highlights the meaty sharpness of salami, while the deep and noble sweetness of apricot preserve balances out this spicy mix. At the same time, these delicacies are versatile and can become the right elements in multiple recipes.

Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Olives

This trio comes together to create a sumptuous, festive appetizer, which can either be shared with guests for a big Mother’s Day dinner or with just the family, during a quiet evening. No special introduction is needed to describe the appetizing company of Mozzarella cheese, Prosciutto, and green or black olives (the color is up to your mom’s preference). This set will be a wonderful gourmet gift.

Camembert, Ham, and Peach Jam

Here’s another idea for a tasteful and celebratory gift. Ham, Camembert cheese, and peach jam are multifunctional delicacies that play both the leading and secondary role in various dishes. But your mom definitely knows better, so let her do with these what she may.

Goat Cheese, Fig Jam, and Coffee

Can you imagine that there are numerous guides on pairing cheeses with coffees? According to these guides, goat cheese, traditionally accompanied with fig jam, goes well with Ethiopian and Tanzanian coffees, which feature medium-to-full bodies and medium acidity. We recommend Humboldt Fog as a cheese option for such a gift assortment. But other chevres will also work fabulously.  

Foie Gras, Blue Cheese, Fig and Onion Spread

Even if your mom has never been to France (and a trip to this magnificent country is another great idea for a Mother’s Day present), you can let her try its most traditional and pungent flavors. Blue cheese and foie gras will bring even more of a holiday mood. You might also like to add a pinch of southern piquancy to the gift – Portuguese fig and onion spread would be perfect. Or you can choose a pear-vanilla chutney.

Escargots, Lobster Rillettes, and Favorite White Wine

What about going a bit exotic but still exquisite? At Marky’s, you can find a wide collection of escargots. They are accompanied greatly by an assortment of the freshest seafood rillettes: scallop, lobster, trout, and mackerel. Put a bottle of your mom’s favorite white wine into the gift basket and bring a bouquet of red or pink carnations. This is going to be a cozy family holiday.

Blue Cheese, Cheddar or Gouda, and Dark Chocolate  

A little tangy hard cheese, like a blue, Gouda cheese, or Cheddar cheese, can reveal its true flavor when it’s paired with… quality dark chocolate. This will be both a tasteful and healthful Mother’s Day gift. Add your mom’s favorite coffee or tea to it and put all your love into the hugs you’ll give her on this day.

Marky’s wishes you a happy and warm Mother’s Day 2018!