October 12 is coming and many of us are already thinking about how to spend this day. Although the cause for celebration is serious and significant, each of us secretly dreams to become a fearless explorer and go to discover new lands.


There are differing opinions on Columbus Day  in our country. Many people believe that discovering in 1492 the land of our great state by legendary navigator is a great event in the history, worthy of a lush holiday. Others our compatriots empathize the oppression of indigenous folks, that had followed after the colonization of America.


Public opinion leaders agree on one thing - a well-known historical event teaches us an important lesson that should not be forgotten. During this day we remember the brave sailors who armed only with hope and simple devices, could open a new milestone in world history.

Our busy life is poor with the chances to recharge with positive emotions. So the significance of Columbus Day has become a great occasion to show to the closest ones how you love them and cherish their company! Therefore Marky's invites you to use an excellent day off and spend the holiday with family and friends. Arrange the autumn theme party based on the memories of our glorious past. Marky's for sure will help you with fresh ideas and delicious recipes!

Start preparing for the holiday with the decoration of your home. In order to fully feel the joyful atmosphere, involve the children to the exciting experience. Joint preparation for the holiday will rise in them respect for the history and nationwide values.

The main motifs in decorating will be a wild beauty of the New Worlds nature, the theme of navigation or the imitation of 15th-century interiors. Carrying out Columbus Day holiday near the pond or pool can also be much more enjoyable. Water element perfectly opens our activities and the pursuit of discovery.

Think over festive menu in advance, because your guests as true conquerors will need a lot of energy. Prepare a simple and hearty meal. Since Christopher Columbus was Italian by birth and began his journey from Spain, you can use the traditional dishes of these countries to organize a pioneer worthy banquet. Celebration at the open-air perfect matches with meat dishes cooked over a fire and a variety of snacks. Consider as picnic recipes sausages, grilled prosciutto, kabobs, snacks of cheese, vegetables and hamon.

Spicy Mediterranean sausages from different types of meat will remind you the purveyance of colonialists, and aged prosciutto will add to your feast the true European chic. Toasts with delicious Truffle Butter will help to satisfy hunger of tireless researchers before the readiness of a main dish.

Use the Marky's proven formula and cook Grilled Sausage Kabobs. The simplicity of this recipe will not reduce its palatability, meanwhile colorful vegetables will add bright colors to your menu.

You will need: 1 package of Duck & Pork Sausage with Figs, ½ cup Italian Dressing with Sea Salt, 1 large sliced Zucchini, a dozen of Cherry Tomatoes, 1 sliced Green Pepper, 1 Yellow Pepper, 1 Large Onion, cut into 8ths. This amount of ingredients is enough for preparing kabobs for two persons.

Place the sliced vegetables in a deep container and pour Italian Dressing with Sea Salt. Marinate vegetables for 15-60 minutes. Make sure the grill has warmed up to the desired temperature. Skew vegetables on skewers, alternating with sausages. Grill for about 15 minutes, turning every few minutes.

While inspired by the delicious smell of barbecue, the guests will wait for a hot meal, offer them another version of kabobs, the cold ones.

For cold cabob you will need: steamed Cheese Tortellini, slices of Salami, green and black olives, diced Spanish Cheese Cabrales, cherry tomatoes, Balsamic Dressing, wooden skewers.

In order to give a piquancy for boiled Tortellini, put them in a deep bowl and fill with Balsamic Dressing. Leave for several hours in the refrigerator. Decant the excess liquid before preparing. Strung ingredients alternately on skewers, fasten with the olives.

Do not forget to think about entertainment for adult and young guests. Arrange the costumed performances, work out in the fencing with wooden rapiers, run the toy boat regatta, compete in an active relay. Experienced sailors can pass on their experience of knitting knots, and Native Americans can show their accuracy in throwing rings.

On this day remember the spirit of brotherhood and tolerance. Prepare cute souvenirs or sweets for your family. Marky's has also prepared a gift for you - a 10% discount coupon for the most popular items of meat products, as well as delicacies of Spanish, Italian cuisine and American Caviar.

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Give a grain of attention and care to everyone that you love! Enjoy Columbus Day!