Russian Caviar

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Russian Caviar is one of the most valuable natural delicacies in the modern world. It is often called and considered the Black Gold and it really is so! This pure product used to be the royal delight only and even today only wealthy people may afford true and natural Russian Caviar.

What does black caviar price depend on? Fortunately, not on all those factors that determine the price of gold. Can you imagine that pricing of this delicacy depends on economic stability or worldwide jewelry demand?

The price of caviar is mostly influenced by the complexity of manufacturing, rarity of fish species, and size of eggs. Seemingly, the similar factors may determine the prices of precious stones. So, we could call Russian caviar ‘black diamonds.’

For all the gourmets of the world the words 'Russian caviar' has one and the same meaning — the highest grade of gastronomical delight and enjoyment. Yes indeed, the Caviar Russian, at least the one harvested from the Sturgeon family species, are the most flavourful and delightful delicacy in the world. Some of the kinds of the caviar black are the most expensive food product in the world with the incredible price tag of over 21,000 pounds per kilogram. Anyway, we value it not for the price but for its gastronomical features.

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