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Caviar is not always a delicacy for the rich people, there are plenty of other fish roes that are called 'caviar' just for its color and small size.

The fish roe is a product that was regarded as an unusual food probably from the very beginning of the human history and even animals like it much more than other parts of the fish. Most probably the first experiments on a separate preparation of caviar have started when the ancient people have managed to make the crystallized salt.

By the beginning of the last century, the waters of the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans were filled with the fish because the fishing technology of that age was imperfect, the population of the Earth was several times smaller than now, and the waters were not so much polluted with the industrial wastes. So the range of different kinds of fishes harvested for its flesh and roe was far bigger than these days. But even now there are still certain kinds of fish that inhabit the seas and oceans in abundance. One of this kinds is the vast family of Herrings. Being the dweller basically of the cold waters of the Nothern Atlantics, the huge family of Herrings provides the humans both its pretty fatty but wholesome flesh and delicious roe.

About the Herring caviar

The Herring roe is not big in size, but its big advantage is its very delicate texture. The envelope is very thin but considering the generally small size of the Herring eggs, it is absolutely enough to keep the spheric form. This small sized beads cannot hold a lot of juice but it is pretty much compensated with their soft texture.

As most of the caviar and roe kinds, Herring caviar is prepared in the Malossol way (the pristine way of preserving the caviar using small amounts of sea salt allowing to keep the original taste and flavor of the product and allowing a longer storage period). Usually, the skeins with the Herring roe are slightly smoked to add just a little bit of additional flavor. Apart of the smoky flavor the Herring caviar is mixed with a small amount of the lemon juice. It gives the Herring caviar that special zest that many people like so much and that makes the Herring caviar so much popular.

To make the Herring roe look more likely to precious Sturgeon caviars it is naturally dyed with the squid ink. After this, the beads are getting charcoal black with glittering appearance. It is another strong point of Herring roe that makes it very popular especially at the catering services and chefs. They just love this Sturgeon caviar alternative for its appearance that makes a great look when used for decoration of the cold and cooked dishes. But of course, the Herring caviar is also widely used to add the sea flavor to different dishes like salads, pasta, risottos, cremes, mousses, and even soups. Its mild smoky but intense flavor is highly attractive for anyone adoring the sea food.

Just as all other seafood kinds the Herring caviar is not only rich in nutrient elements but also in highly wholesome elements like the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and sea minerals. And last but not least — the Herring caviar is extremely affordable, so you can enjoy it not only on a special occasion but also in your everyday menu as an appetizer, a healthy snack, or a part of your everyday meal. So enjoy it!

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