Osetra Karat Caviar - Black

Marky’s Osetra Karat Caviar Black is produced by one of the most experienced fisheries in Israel that works only with the best sturgeon fingerlings originating from the Caspian Sea which preconditions the highest caviar quality.

The osetras on this fish farm indulge the world's best life conditions — fresh drinking snowmelt waters from the mountain hills provide the cleanest environment that highly influences the product quality. The Karat branded caviar is considered to be the world's most delicious caviar for its perfectly fresh and clean nutty taste as also for its juicy tender texture. Another reason for this caviar to be so coveted is that each jar contains eggs from a single fish that makes its taste so homogeneously perfect.

Karat Osetra Black characteristics:

  • Farmed-raised
  • Israel
  • Black, with hints of chestnut color pearls
  • Firm medium to large size beads
  • Robust nutty flavor
  • Rich buttery finish
  • Perfect with crème fraiche on blini
  • Drinks: champagne brut or Blanc de Blanc

Product Features

Quantity in stock Available for sale
Packaging Jar
Preparation Fresh, Cured with Salt
Caviar Fish & Grade Osetra, Grade 1
CITES for Export Required
Shelf Life Refrigerated 4 to 6 weeks
Storage Type Only Refrigerated
Shipping Product is perishable and will be shipped via Overnight shipping

Osetra Karat Caviar - Black

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This product is perishable and will be shipped by Overnight Shipping.

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