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Marky’s Gourmet online store takes great pride in presenting a range of high quality duck liver products to all our dear visitors. We would like you to taste the best products in the world, that is why trust only the most reliable companies, that are also really interested in satisfying your gourmet needs. Hudson Valley manufacturer is one the greatest companies which goes in depth on what it takes to produce moulard duck food items and the premiere foie gras in the USA. We are glad to introduce it to the general public, so that people in all over the world, and in particular Americans, have an opportunity to find out about one of the largest producers of this specific food. Thus, this section is dedicated to Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Are you interested to know the details?

The Farm & The Ducks

A lovely farm is located in Ferndale, on 200 lush acres in the Catskill Mountains. It takes about two hours to get there from New York City. The company is responsible for raising mulard ducks on the farm. The moulard (or mulard), by the way, is a duck hybrid of muscovy and Pekin ducks, that is, as a rule, produced using the artificial insemination method. The Inspector of US Department of Agriculture individually evaluates each Hudson Valley duck on the farm in order to provide a guarantee of wholesomeness to the American people. Ducks are in safety from different weather conditions (especially during the September – May season in the mountains, when the weather is very cold and dangerous), as they are in the spacious cage-free barns.

Moulard ducks are considered to be the ideal breed to produce foie gras, as they have a special ability to store fat in their livers. Hudson Foie Gras is obtained by taking care of manufacturing technologies, and taking into consideration the characteristics of this bird species, including the fact that they are ground-foraging ducks, which do not fly and do not like open water.

It is of great importance to keep the connection between the company and consumers, as well as chefs, and simply not indifferent people. For this reason, the farmers are looking forward to meeting the unbiased visitors and showing the magnificent atmosphere of the farm.

Foie Gras

"Fuagra" is the fattened liver of a waterfowl. Traditionally, it has been served cold and cooked in a terrine or paté. Nowadays, more and more consumers are enjoying the dish served hot, adding a tangy and sweet fruit garnish. It is also very important to take into consideration and differentiate the degree of its readiness: raw, fresh, semi-cooked, and canned. This factor is essential in the cooking and preservation processes.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras is produced according to the standard and generally accepted rules. The manufacturer is able to present high quality duck liver products, because of replicating migratory waterfowl natural gorging process. A special hand-feeding process is used, so that the farmers can optimize what nature gives us. As the result, we receive exceptional duck meat and luxurious foie gras.

Marky’s online store offers you a wide range of Hudson Valley unique products, including Whole Duck Foie Gras and Slices, Duck Prosciutto, Dried Cured Duck Salami, and so on and so forth. Choose what corresponds to your own needs and preferences, the rest is our job.

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