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Marky's Farmed Caviar

Since 2003 the only US company currently in possession of Beluga, Sevruga, Sterlet and Russian Osetra, we have an unique position not only in the United States but globally, due to our successful breeding methods.

In 2005, our focus quickly expanded, as CITES and the UN closed exports from the Caspian Sea and the United States prohibited imports of Beluga products. Sturgeon Aquafarms by Marky's is the only Beluga farm in US.

Farmed Beluga Caviar
Beluga caviar from Sturgeon Aquafarms by Marky's
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Farmed Sevruga Caviar
Sevruga caviar from Sturgeon Aquafarms by Marky's
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Farmed Sterlet Caviar
Sterlet caviar from Sturgeon Aquafarms by Marky's
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Farmed Osetra Caviar
Osetra caviar from Sturgeon Aquafarms by Marky's
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Marky's Caviar: Russian Caviar, Osetra caviar, Beluga Caviar and other gourmet foodFor more than three decades the Marky's is well known to the world of gourmets and connoisseurs as an equivalent to the highest quality and incredible taste of the supplied delicacies. Founded in 1983, the Marky's Caviar Store started as a reliable supplier of the top quality caviar, since that time it has not just grown to the biggest importer of the widest range of gourmet products but also became the biggest caviar manufacturer in the US.

Being the oldest caviar store in Miami, Marky's has a lot of products to offer to its customers but the main category is still the precious caviar of all known kinds and types harvested from the fish in different parts of the world as also manufactured at Marky's Sturgeon Aquafarms.

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Caviar manufacturing, distribution and retail

The Marky's (Optimus, Inc.) has been established in 1983 in Miami, Florida. From the very beginning, its specialization was the finest sturgeon caviar from Russia. With time, the assortment and geography of the offered by the Marky's Caviar store to its loyal and new customers products has only been extending, today you can buy caviar from Russia, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Latin America, Asia. The only thing that didn't change with time was the top quality of any product on the shelf. From the very first day, the main principle of Marky's business was consistent products quality and satisfied customer. This attitude has allowed the company to extend its business and for over three decades to build an International Gourmet Food Emporium with a wide network of sturgeon and non-sturgeon caviar suppliers from nearly every part of the world where the manufacturers can get caviar.

At the moment, Marky's is proudly offering its customers over 600 types of gourmet food and most of them are different kinds and types of caviar to buy. We have the widest choice of the best caviar online — Caspian black sturgeon caviar, American sturgeon caviar, domestic and imported red roe and non-sturgeon caviar available online. Our very own Marky’s Beluga Caviar, Sevruga Caviar, Sterlet Caviar and Osetra Caviar are synonyms for most delicate taste, top quality and freshness for connoisseurs to buy caviar online in the US.

Marky's is an environment-friendly caviar company which does not import any kind of wild sturgeon caviar. All the Marky’s sturgeon caviar you can find online in our catalogue is harvested in an environment consistent and absolutely legal way. We are offering domestic and imported certified farm-raised sturgeon caviar to buy only, as for the domestic wild catch we sell only sustainable paddlefish and hackleback caviar that is still abundant in the wild nature.

To tell more, Marky's takes part in the sturgeon population restoration. Together with our partner company the Sturgeon AquaFarms, LLC we have started an aquaculture production in Florida, USA. This facility farms many popular sturgeon species for sturgeon and domestic Beluga caviar and meat in commercial volumes. This company gives us a chance to offer our customer most delicious Beluga caviar online.

As Marky's is the caviar store working with the world's best suppliers, we have probably the highest standards of handling this extremely delicate and sensitive product. All the sturgeon caviar is treated with the purest sea salt and processed under controlled room temperature avoiding its overheating or overcooling. Our stringent standards completely correspond to and even exceed the requirements of CITES, US Fish, and Wildlife Service, FDA, etc.

To be absolutely sure our most demanding customers can order caviar of the highest quality, Marky's was one of the first caviar company to make the DNA batch tests to ensure the highest quality and origin of the product.

Marky's is a certified by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) caviar company and this means that one of the first steps of our routine control is the laboratory test of the samples from each and every batch we receive from our international suppliers. We pay special attention to our partners from Russia and our specialists visit the aquafarms several times a year to inspect the conditions and procedures on every stage of production that allow us to be 100% sure of the constantly high quality of the supplied products.

With all these preconditions it is no wonder that the top quality and extreme delightful taste and flavor of our products have been recognized by the world's best specialists and many of our products have been granted prestigious awards. Being one of the world's leading caviar company, Marky's is constantly taking part in the important and popular Gourmet Food and Delicacy trade shows representing its own and distributed delicacies.

As a leading Gourmet food supplier, Marky's is represented both in the real world through its retail delicacy and caviar bars and store where people can come and buy caviar in person and on the Internet with this extensive web catalogue where everyone can easily buy caviar online 24/7.

Being basically a caviar company and giving its customers the possibility to order caviar, the Marky's Gourmet Store is making its best to provide the customers extensive choice of different other delicacies from all over the world. Apart of the caviar online we are offering you world's best foie gras, truffles and other mushrooms, smoked salmon and seafood, specialty cheeses, deli meats, appetizers, vinegars and oils, tea, jams and chocolate, and of course special cutlery, serving accoutrements and cookware for any delicacy available in our catalogue.

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