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Caviar Prices and What You Must Know About Them

Bet you’ve had more than one chance to make sure that they are, well, not low. And from a psychological point of view, the more frequently you face one and the same issue, the less astonishing, and thus unpleasant, it becomes for you every other time. Consequently, if it’s not the first time you notice that the cost of caviar is quite high, then it’s probably not a very big surprise for you.

It is a delicacy. And it must be expensive. We somehow agreed on this fact many centuries ago. From the times of Shakespeare, to be more precise. That is in-between the 16th and 17th centuries. It’s said though that caviar used to be a peasant food in Medieval Russia. Can you believe it? Well, it probably depended on the fish. By the way, either does it nowadays.

Indeed, in our 21st century the price of caviar ranks this product among the world’s most luxurious foods, like white truffles or Frozen Hot Chocolate dessert, served at Serendipity 3 Restaurant, New York, for $25,000. Well, the latter is probably an exaggeration when it comes to more common kinds of caviar. But if we were talking about Almas caviar, then the comparison with the New York dainty would be really proper.

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  • One kilogram or 2.3 pounds of this Sturgeon delicacy would be sold to you for almost $35,000 (or £20,000). Nonetheless, it’s not the most expensive caviar on our planet. For many years, owners of fish farms competed for the title of the producers of the best caviar. A wide variety of resources were involved for this. In the end, this process reached its apogee.

    The richest clients and members of the royal families of Europe and the Middle East got the opportunity to buy the product they were waiting for in the best restaurants from Monaco to Dubai. So what is the most expensive caviar? Would you like to try a spoonful of white gold beads for $40,000? Yes, you got it right. Only one spoonful. This caviar is also known as Strottarga Bianco and it’s the roe of the very rare Albino Sturgeon. Its creators’ names are Walter and Patrick Gruell, father and son. Walter Gruell is an Austrian fish farmer, now famous for lacing eggs of the exotic fish with 22-karat gold.

    The most expensive caviar is one of the best in the world because initially, it includes the pristine purest water flowing down from the mountains. Also, a special drying regime is important before the full dehydration procedure, during which the caviar loses about 80 percent of its weight.But it’s time to come down to earth. Let’s make out what’s generally so special about this particular food.

    Still, none of us would cross it out of the menu for another important occasion. We just want to know the reasons why in most cases caviar costs quite a lot. How much is caviar different from other scrumptious delicacies and what can explain these differences?

    That’s absolutely healthy academic interest. So, right now we’re going to find the real-life facts which could satisfy it. Here are a few enticing characteristics of caviar, which could shed more light on its pricing:

  • It’s non-renewable. If we take the production of Sturgeon caviar as an argument, we must highlight that the matured fish, which is usually about 20 years old, is always killed for the purpose of obtaining its roe. Unlike chickens or ducks that can lay eggs several times over. Besides, the roe could actually be that new “family” of fish and produce more caviar.
  • It’s rare. Of course, the factor we’ve just mentioned has a significant impact on caviar price. Also, we shouldn’t forget that some of the most valuable roe-producing fish species are now on the brink of extinction. Some producers, with Marky’s among them, try to improve the situation by managing fish farms (Sturgeon Aquafarms). So, it’s obvious that their prices include quality raising of the fish.
  • It’s in high demand. No, not because it’s purchased together with bread and butter all around the world every day. High demand is usually a consequence of low supply, as well as an influential factor in the increase in global caviar cost. We believe that now you know the answer to the question "Why is caviar expensive?
  • Exactly. There are even several separate criteria for determining quality of caviar. It doesn’t mean, however, that Grade-2 caviar is worse than Grade-1 caviar. Here are the main features of such a division.

    Grade-1 beads must be large and firm. You know, just the pick of the bunch. They are intact, but very delicate, have fine even color and mild flavor.

    The main differences between the two grades lay in the size and sometimes flavor of caviar grains. Grade-2 beads are usually smaller. Their flavor has more tanginess. But the other characteristics are mainly the same.

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    Looks like you are ready to face these truths now. Every self-respecting store can present a caviar price list to you. So you can view how much you are requested to pay for such a gastronomic pleasure.

    Remember that if you purchase it from a tested manufacturer, cheap caviar (or it would better to say “cheaper” caviar) doesn’t mean a product of lower quality. You’ll see that the caviar price per pound differs remarkably. It depends on the fish and conditions under which it was raised. To say nothing of the way the roe was obtained from it. Accordingly, expensive caviar is not a guarantee that you will like it more. It all depends on the taste. The world of caviar is as fascinating as the world of wines, and its connoisseurs are called exactly this way – caviar sommeliers!

    If you’re going to try a particular delicacy for the very first time, you’d better pay attention to the caviar price per ounce. One ounce is equal to almost thirty grams. This amount is acknowledged enough to enjoy two lavish bits. Or try caviar samplers in sets.

    How much does caviar cost in our store? The range of our prices is extremely high. It all depends on your preferences, the desired quantity, the age of the fish, the type of processing, the manufacturer and many other factors. To better navigate in our range, use convenient filters. Moreover, we often offer weekly sales, so do not miss the opportunity to purchase a delicacy at an even more attractive price!

    For more information, you are welcome view Marky’s catalog and check the prices in it. Thank you for staying with us!