Tzatziki is something you've tasted if you've ever been to a Greek restaurant. Pita bread is the ideal vehicle for dipping in this delectable yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil sauce, which is also great for use as a spread on sandwiches. The origins of tzatziki go back thousands of years. Additionally, it has several health advantages; continue reading to learn more! We'll include various tzatziki recipes in this blog article so you may prepare it yourself. Additionally, we'll provide you with some suggestions for mouthwatering combinations that will transport your taste senses to Greece!


What is Tzatziki?


Traditional Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce or dip is called tzatziki. Cucumbers that have been chopped, garlic, salt, olive oil, and occasionally dill or mint are added to plain yogurt. As a meze (appetizer), tzatziki is frequently served with bread and other dips like hummus or eggplant salad. It is frequently used as a dipping sauce with grilled meats and fish, including souvlaki, in Greece and Cyprus.


The Turkish word "cack," which has origins in the Persian word "chakguk," is where the name "tzatziki" derives from. Tzatziki is still a well-liked meal in Turkey today and is said to have originated in the Ottoman Empire.


History of Tzatziki

Greek food staple tzatziki is created from yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and olive oil. The Turkish word "cack," which means "yogurt soup," is where the name "tzatziki" originates. The creation of tzatziki, which has been around for generations, was motivated by the need to use up extra yogurt.


Tzatziki's first known recipe was found in the Kitab al-Tabikh, a historic Arabic cookbook. Tzatziki was prepared in this cookbook using yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and vinegar. The Ottoman Turks later brought the dish to Greece in the fifteenth century.


In Greece, tzatziki rose to popularity during the Venetian era. The meal was changed by the Venetians who added fresh ingredients like mint and dill. After the Venetian occupation ended, tzatziki remained well-liked and is currently among the most well-known Greek foods.

Health Benefits of Tzatziki

Tzatziki is a real powerhouse in terms of health benefits. Probiotics, which can aid promote gut health, vitamins A and C, calcium, and phosphorus are all included in this classic Greek meal. Together, these nutrients strengthen your immune system and maintain the health of your bones. Additionally, the lactic acid in the yogurt used to make tzatziki can help exfoliate your skin and give it a healthy glow.


Food Pairings with Tzatziki

Numerous meals go nicely with tzatziki. It may be spread over sandwiches or used as a dip for pita bread or veggies. Additionally, it is a typical component in gyros and Greek salads.


Some of the dishes that go well with tzatziki include:

-Cucumber: The creamy tzatziki pairs perfectly with the cooling and reviving flavor of cucumber.

-Tomatoes: The tzatziki's tastes are enhanced by the acidity of tomatoes.

-Olives: The tzatziki's taste is improved by the saline from olives.

-Lamb: Lamb's rich flavor complements tzatziki's creaminess perfectly.

-Chicken: Tzatziki's strong tastes pair beautifully with chicken's lightness.


These are only a handful of the numerous combinations that complement tzatziki. Find your favorite combos by experimenting!


Chicken Shawarma Tzatziki

chicken shawarma


-500g chicken breast, thinly sliced

-250g Greek yogurt

-½ a cucumber, grated

-Juice of ½ a lemon

-½ tsp. garlic powder

-Salt and pepper


For the Shawarma Spice Mix:

-½ tsp. cumin

-½ tsp. smoked paprika

-½ tsp. garlic powder

-¼ tsp. cinnamon

-⅛ tsp. allspice

-A pinch of cayenne (optional)

-Salt and pepper


- Yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste should all be combined in a dish with the yogurt. Place aside.

- Combine all the ingredients for the Shawarma Spice Mix in a separate bowl. Make sure each piece of chicken is well covered with the spice mixture before seasoning.

- Preheat a grill pan to medium-high heat, then cook the chicken for five minutes on each side until well done.

- Place the tzatziki sauce on top of the chicken and serve over pita bread or wraps. Enjoy!


That's it! This Chicken Shawarma Tzatziki is easy to make and so delicious. I hope you all enjoy it!

Greek yogurt sauce known as tzatziki is tasty, nutritious, and has a long history. It is excellent for salads, wraps, sandwiches, and more! Make some Tzatziki with chicken shawarma today! You can also learn about other dips and spreads and their differences here at Marky's.