Before we begin, let’s check what astronomy has to tell us this year. With the latest advances in space research and rocketry, it’s almost impossible to miss what’s happening high up above our heads.

History tells us that in the 4th century AD, it was established that Easter Sunday had to fall on or immediately follow the full moon right after the March Equinox. Additionally, the date of the holiday must be taken as the 14th day of the lunar month, the time period between two new moons. History also tells us that the beginning of spring is marked by day and night on Earth being equal length.

Complex astronomical calculations went into the choosing of the date of Easter 2018.  

That being said, this year, we’re celebrating Easter on April 1st! Since the date falls on April Fools’ Day, the holiday promises to be both grand and fun.

When will we have another opportunity to find amusing quotes in chocolate eggs and Easter biscuits? In another ten or twenty years, when Easter Sunday falls on April 1st again? That’s a reasonable assumption, but let’s take advantage of it now.

Today, we’re going to select the most flavorful and original treats for this year’s Easter menu.

Discover Marky’s collection of holiday recipes that will help you make your celebration delicious, homey, and memorable.

Mouthwatering and Portable Morsels

Light and tasty appetizers are exactly what you need to properly welcome your guests to your feast. These will be the perfect introduction to Easter ham.

Here are a few easy-to-cook, fun-to-eat treats to start the celebration.

Cucumber Bites
easter18 1

They taste fresh, smooth, and delightfully piquant. Looks like the perfect starter to launch your guests’ appetites into action. Try these three options.

For each option, you’ll need fresh English cucumbers cut into large 1-inch pieces. Provide as many of them as you’ll need to satisfy your guests.

Option 1: Smoked salmon + cream cheese: blend the mascarpone cream cheese with 1 tbsp. of sriracha and add some fresh dill; spoon the mixture onto cucumber pieces and place a slice of norwegian smoked salmon fillet imperial cut on it.

Option 2: Canned tuna + diced onions: combine the fish with fresh diced onions and celery (to taste), Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper; spoon what you’ve got onto cucumbers.

Option 3: Boiled eggs + paprika: mix peeled and chopped eggs with the spices, mayonnaise, and mustard, add salt and pepper to taste, and top the cucumbers with the mixture.



Spicy Easter Tartlets with Chevre and Ricotta Cheeses
easter18 2

Would you like something tangy and cheesy? These tartlets are the perfect example of the simplicity and ingenuity of culinary art. Try them in two variations.

Stock up on mini phyllo pastry shells in advance, so you won’t have to rush to the store on Saturday. You’ll need quite a lot of them.

Bake the shells until they get golden brown. Let them cool and stuff gently with these fillings.

Variant 1: In one bowl mix goat cheese (4 oz.) with chopped white part of one green onion, crushed fennel seeds (1/4 tsp.), fresh thyme leaves (1/2 tsp.), salt and pepper (to taste). In the other bowl combine chopped green parts of onion,one chopped tomato, pitted Kalamata olives (3 tbsp.), olive oil (1 tsp.), balsamic vinegar (1/2 tsp), and pepper. First fill in the tartlets with cheese mixture, then with tomato mixture, and garnish with parsley and basil.

Variant 2: In a food processor blend grated Parmesan (3 tbsp.), Ricotta (3/4 c.), 1 roasted red pepper, cayenne pepper (.13 tsp.), paprika (.13 tsp.), salt and ground black pepper (to taste). Refrigerate the mixture.
Meanwhile, combine almonds (2 tbsp.), olive oil (1 tbsp.), and salt in an 8-inch skillet and cook on medium until golden, stirring occasionally. Transfer the mixture to paper towels, and add capers (1 tbsp.) to the same skillet, cooking until crisp and stirring. Again, transfer the mixture to paper towels. Chop the almonds and capers after they cool.
Pipe the cheese mixture into the shells and top them with chopped almonds, capers, and snipped chives.  

And a special dish for the Easter Bunny!
easter18 3

Cheese carrots! The recipe needs no introduction—it will please everyone’s taste buds.



1. Combine all ingredients with a fork and your hands until the mixture gets smooth.

2. Divide into 5-6 sections, depending on the number of carrots you are going to make, and form carrot shapes with your hands.

3. Use a knife to make the cheese carrots rough.

4. Arrange them on a platter and add parsley to make the tops.

5. Serve refrigerated with crackers or canapes.

Delightful Easter Ham Variations

Easter Day smells like tulips, chocolate, and…roasted ham. No celebration can go without this main course.

Check these fragrant options to add more spiciness and fruitiness to the meaty tradition. The combinations of odors and tastes will make guests of any age crave another slice.

  • Combine raspberry and apricot preserves with Dijon mustard. Brush the meat with the glaze first after it roasts for 1,5 hours. Then bake the ham uncovered and glaze it every 20 min. within one hour. Serve with the remaining glaze.
  • Repeat the same with the mixture of red currant jelly, mustard, cider vinegar, and peppercorns.
  • can whisk together and stir balsamic vinegar (1/2 c.) with dry red wine (1 c.), 6 strips of fresh orange peel, brown sugar (1/4 c.), cocoa powder (2 tbsp.), ground pepper (1/2 tsp.) until sugar dissolves. Heat the mixture to boiling, then reduce heat and simmer the mixture for 30 min. Strain it through a sieve.  

Even after all of these dishes, it seems like something’s missing in our Easter dinner menu.

Last-Minute Dessert to Please All Adults and Kids

Would you like to go a little beyond the traditional chocolate rabbits and deli dragee? We have a simple, creative, and absolutely delicious idea for you and your guests!

Try these Bunny Ear Macarons. They will make the perfect Easter dessert that you can serve all month long. Just like Ashley Rose, their wonderful creator, does. 

easter18 4

You will need the freshest French macarons, craft paper, watercolor paint, a paintbrush, thin lollipop sticks, scissors, and a glue stick.


1. For each macaron cut two bows and a pair of bunny ears. Put aside.

2. Gently place a lollipop stick through the bottom of each macaron.

3. With the glue stick, adhere the bows to each other around the lollipop sticks.

4. Brush a touch of pink or blue watercolor for the ears, and stick them into the top crease of each macaron so they touch the icing and keep in place.

5. Serve and enjoy.

From everyone here at Marky’s, we hope you have a happy, blessed and meaningful Easter!