When you think of oil, what comes to mind? Did you say Olive oil, or perhaps or Canola Oil? If those were your answers, then you are missing out on a world of possibilities! There are hundreds of varieties of oils. Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil and Olive Oil are probably the most commonly used of all the oils. For this reason, they are the most easily recognized by everyday home chefs. But there is a world of flavor out there for you to savor and discover just by switching up the type of cooking oil you use. For example there is coconut oil. Solid at room temperature, coconut oil is white and buttery in texture; it has a distinctive coconut flavor and is widely used in South India. There is also almond oil which has a subtle toasted almond aroma and flavor.

oil pic

Avocado oil is vibrant green in color with a soft nutty taste and a mild avocado aroma. This is very healthy oil with a profile similar to olive oil. Several others are: grapeseed oil - a light, medium-yellow oil that is a by-product of wine making, hazelnut oil where the nuts are ground and roasted and then pressed in a hydraulic press to extract the delicate oil. Macadamia nut oil is cold pressed from the decadent macadamia nut, extracting a light oil similar in quality to the finest extra virgin olive oil, and sesame seed oil which comes in two types - a light, very mild Middle Eastern type and a darker Asian type pressed from toasted sesame seeds. The list of oils goes on and on.

Here at Marky’s we invite you to be adventurous in your cooking and try one of our many varieties of oils.