Steeping the perfect cup of tea is an art. With proper technique you can bring out all of the subtleties and flavors of the tea. If you want to drink a perfect cup of tea, let’s go through the steps you need to get there.

Firstly, water is the most vital part of the brewing process, start with cool well oxygenated water, and avoid using tap water as the minerals will change the flavor of the tea. Second you want to bring this water to just a boil, never over-boil or it loses most of its oxygen which plays an important part in enhancing your tea’s flavor. Never pour the boiling water directly over the tea leaves or it will burn the delicate leaves of teas such as white or green.

Next, steeping time depends on the type of leaf and its leaf grade. Many teas yield pale liquor, so steep by time not color. If milk is to be added, the steeping time must be long enough for sufficient flavor elements and tannins to be extracted. Too short a steeping time will result in a thin, insipid tea. Conversely, over-steeping will yield a bitter tea with an overpowering imbalance of tannin. Consideration of these few simple factors -- good water, the correct amount of tea, accurate steeping time, -- will result in a great pot of tea. Enjoy a perfect cup of one of the many varieties of Tea Forte, available here at Marky’s.