Duck Liver

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Duck Foie Gras Lobe, Grade A by Rougie
$118.77 $131.96
Deveined Duck Foie Gras by Rougie
$83.19 $89.59
Duck Foie Gras Cubed by Marky's
Duck Foie Gras Slices by Rougie
$155.21 $166.89
Duck Foie Gras Slices by Hudson Valley
$133.99 $145.64
Duck Foie Gras, Whole Grade A 1.1-1.8 lb.
$78.16 $84.40
Duck Foie Gras Whole Grade B by Marky's
$72.26 $77.70
Rougie Whole Duck Foie GrasTorchon with Port Wine
from $59.11 $67.20

Moulard is a unique duck breed famous due to its ability to produce liver of the highest quality. On the spacious high-tech Canadian farms Moulard Ducks get all the necessary nourishment and care to provide thousands of American families with such popular delicacy as Foie Gras.

In this section you will find a variety of products from duck liver, which has a vivid and rectilinear taste, unlike of the goose one, which is characterized by a delicate and creamy flavor. However, most culinary specialists use duck foie gras, because of its rustic taste bouquet.

Leading manufacturers as Rougie Foie Gras or Hudson Valley take care of your convenience and have developed a range of products including both whole foie gras, a variety of semi-finished products like duck foie gras terrine for home cooking and fully prepared meals.

Whichever product you choose, remember a few rules of serving the delicacy.

The first, dishes of foie gras don't allow excesses. The distinctive and bright taste of duck liver appears at minimum cooking.

Buy duck liver, combine it garnished with vegetables and serve with fruit sauce. The sweet taste of berries harmoniously complements dishes of foie gras.

Finally, chilled glass of French dessert wine is an excellent company for tender delicacy. Bon Appetit!

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