Spanish Sheep Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine

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Spanish Sheep Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine

Sheep Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine is a firm, aged, raw sheep's milk cheese from Zamora, Spain. It is cured for 12-months with the skin of the Tempranillo grape. The texture is firm and compact and the aroma is intense and well developed. This cheese is well-flavored, because there is no better combination than a good cheese with a good wine, especially if they are from the same land. Produced by Quesería La Antigua in Zamora, Spain. To consume, take the cheese out of the fridge and leave it out until it reaches approximately 20 C, allowing the flavours and aromas to invoque the cheese's intensity. The rind should not be consumed. Gluten free, contains egg products (lisozyme). Cut cheese, up to 6.6 lb/3 kg.

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