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A true food lover always has a pantry stocked with gourmet delicacies. Cook and dress your food with different oils, like organic extra virgin olive oil, black truffle oil, sesame oil, almond oil, and others. Choose the perfect grain for your meal from couscous to basmati rice to different kinds of pastas. Herbs and spices can enhance the flavor of your next meal whether it’s a simple sea salt or a black truffle salt. Impress your dinner guests with an international selection of hors d'oeuvres, like our gourmet olives or even escargot! Enjoy some gourmet snacks as you cook. Pair your dishes with fine condiments and sauces. Finally, sweeten your dish with exotic vanilla beans or honey. Staple and gourmet pantry items will take your next meal to an impressive level. Markys provides a carefully curated selection of pantry items for you to always have on hand.

A true gourmet lover curates their pantry just as carefully as they choose their caviar, truffles, meats, seafood, and other delicacies. The perfect pantry should start off with a wide selection of grains, from artisanal tagliatelle pasta and basmati rice to couscous and polenta. These grains taste excellent with a simple olive oil. However, you can also add a delicious sauce, such as tomato, porcini mushroom, or pesto. Now, if you want to create a truly unique flavor, shave some black or white truffle on top of your grain for that gourmet touch. Next, a true gourmet lover needs a selection of oils and vinegars chosen carefully to open up the taste of the dish. Truffle oil can be drizzled onto almost anything- pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads, popcorn, fish, vegetables- adding that extra gourmet touch to simple dishes. Truffle oil price is less than buying truffle, itself, yet it still allows food lovers to enjoy the taste and aroma. At Markys, we supply both black truffle oil and white truffle oil. Moreover, you can find other truffle condiments and sauces, such as truffle mayonnaise and truffle ketchup. Vinegars, such as balsamic vinegar, fruit vinegar, and white vinegar, can all be used to create salad dressings, marinades, and even pickles! Another must-have is a high quality and organic virgin olive oil due to its versatility in the kitchen. Not only does extra virgin olive taste fantastic as a dressing, it is also the most stable and safest oil for cooking. Some of the other oils to try are almond oil, sesame oil, hazelnut oil, avocado oil, and more. The refined taste and aroma of these oils can help create a unique flavor and experience in your next meal. Likewise, even the simplest herbs and spices can truly make a difference when cooking a recipe. For example, a coarse sea salt can add texture and flavor when simply sprinkled on top of a dish. Moreover, having a stocked pantry makes it easier to come up with ideas for appetizers and snacks. For example, you can serve a delicious charcuterie plate using different cheeses, gourmet crackers, olives, nuts, honey, and honeycomb. Even the simplest snack of gourmet bread and olive oil can be incredible when it is served using the highest quality products. International hors d’oeuvres can take your next dining experience to another level. A stocked, gourmet pantry ensures that your entire kitchen and at-home dining is filled with flavorful and refined ingredients.