How many times a year you should express your feelings to close people and friends? How often should you say that you appreciate all they do for you? Ideally - every day! But let’s remember, the last time we talked to dearest: «Thank you for everything!"? After all, the depth of our feelings is measured by the sincerity with which we are willing to talk about our feelings!

Tradition is good because it tells us to do something that we completely forget in the race for success. Striving every day to win their little battles, valiant husbands and fathers overshadow their families to focus on the goal. Caring wives and mothers provide comfort for their families so fervently, and sometimes procrastinate funny games with their little fidgets. Sweetest Day offers you distract from daily cares for a while and pay attention to the most precious people in your life.

Strong feelings

leonidas2The name itself of the holiday tells us that we should satiate this day with the sweet moments and chocolate gifts. After all, love for chocolate can unite our hearts better than the arrows of Cupid. And chocolate gift in the form of the heart looks very symbolic: Leonidas Assorted Chocolate Heart.

Sweetest Day gives you an excellent opportunity to arrange an evening for two: do not miss the opportunity to light a candle at dinner, open a bottle of champagne and give a coveted chocolate gift.

If your love is more than just hearts and ribbons, and has withstood the test of time, then Leonidas Mixed Truffles Chocolates Assortment as a symbol of ageless classics would be perfect for beloved spouse.

Children delight

leonidas1Surround with your care those ones who need it most - your children. Small fidgets would appreciate holiday the most, as an opportunity to get a sweet reward is always desirable. Arrange a surprise for the kids and hide gift in a secluded place: a fun game to find a hidden prize repeatedly enhances the joy of its finding and sharing eating.

The boys like real pirates deserve to find the treasure. Sweets in the form of seashells, coins, fruits will ignite in the children’s hearts a true collector's passion - Leonidas Assorted Chocolate.

Little princess come to the delight of jewelry boxes. Chocolate candies in this package will look like real emeralds and rubies and fill the girl's heart a genuine pleasure.

Attention to kins

Express your gratitude to those ones who gave you a care in your childhood. Your parents and grandparents deserve to receive your attention and a piece of dark chocolate. Mendiant - Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate disc with dried fruits is a great choice if you want to do something nice for people who had seen a lot in their lives, and learned to appreciate the true feelings.

Hug your mother, tell her about your love and hand Leonidas Mixed Napolitain Chocolates Assortment. Among a set of 8 different types of chocolate, there would probably be her favorite brand. Imagine how proud she will show your gift to her friends!

Friendly hugs

leonidas3Remember also about those who have supported you in difficult moments and brought joy to the happiest days - your friends. Cheerful parties and intimate conversations - this is a subject you need to thank about to the close friends and give them Leonidas Mixed Chocolates Assortment - milk, white & dark chocolates.

The combination of three types of chocolate is likely to appeal both to connoisseurs of classic taste and amateurs of sweet experiments.

Pleasant duty

Add a note of joy in the lives of those people who surround you every day. Your colleagues deserve to be mentioned in this list. After all, they contribute much to your prosperity and career growth! A large box of Assorted Leonodas Chocolate is ideal if you work in a massive company and you want to treat each member of your team.

If your staff does not exceed the size of a basketball team, the cozy Assorted Chocolate Square Box will be the best choice.

Enlist the support of the power elite: the head of your company or business partners will certainly appreciate Assorted Leonidas Chocolate Classic Gold Tin. This premium gift does you an honor, and creates an image of a person with impeccable taste.

“The more love I give you, the more I have”

Remember the idea which founder of Sweetest Day, Herbert Birch Kingston has invested in the celebration: give a little piece of joy and attention to people deprived of family support. A drop of attention given to orphans and people need of assistance, for sure will make you happier!