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4 facts about the popular delicacy Escargot.

Fact 1: What does “escargot” mean?

French cuisine has given the world many unique delicacies. The most extravagant of them is escargot. Even the inhabitants of the Roman Empire noticed that the flesh of snails living in abundance in the vineyards is tender, juicy and has wonderful nutritional properties. It was then was born the tradition of mollusks grown in home gardens and to experiment with their cooking.

The most impressive results in the field of cooking with grape snail made exactly French chefs. The word "escargot" means the snails intended for human consumption. And if you think of them not as slugs from the garden, but as a delicacy, it would be an easy, tasty and healthy dish.

Fact 2: Why Frenchmen like escargot so much?

According to its nutritional qualities, grape snails are very useful, as their meat contains a large amount of easily digestible proteins. Eating mollusk’s meat never causes your allergies or other side effects. The flesh is completely absorbed by the body, low in calories and can be used in various diets.

There is even an opinion that Frenchmen are indebted to escargot with the ardent love, as snail’s flesh contain substances called aphrodisiacs.



Fact 3: Snails magic

Snails are usually prepared as savory dishes, with different spices and seasonings, such as garlic, black and white pepper, parsley and tarragon. Before cooking the snails, they need to be prepared. After all, from what a snail ate, it is directly dependent on its taste. Chefs are actively using this feature and "treat" mollusks with parsley or beer.

The first thing that cook should do before preparing escargot is to make sure that the snails are alive. To do this, snails should be thrown in a pot of water and live ones will soon seem out of shells. Further, mollusks need to be kept in a container with flour periodically spraying with water to keep them active. Thereafter, the snails should be planted in a container filled with coarse salt, in order to get rid of excess mucus and refine their flavor.

Salted snails are thoroughly washed several times, and only then have boiled in the water, acidified with vinegar for 6 - 8 minutes. After that chef removes a large fleshy part of the shell and brings it to perfection taste, by further boiling in broth with wine and lots of spices. Cooling snails are placed back into the shell, simultaneously seasoning with garlic butter and finely chopped greens.

Fact 4: How it can be eaten?

Actually, there are lots of ways to cook and serve escargot. The most traditional and proven one is with green garlic butter. Serve snails in the shell or naked - it is at the discretion of the chef. But to preserve meal's flavor and giving a highlight to banquet offer your guests escargot in its natural form as possible.

The restaurants serve an escargot with special devices - tongs and fork. In fact, using it is very convenient: hold a shall with the tongs and extract a delicacy from it with the fork. Do not forget to protect your clothes with a napkin - mollusk’s flesh is very juicy.

It is good practice to apply for serving escargot hot meals with half dozen clams.

There is no single rule about what drink an escargot should wash down with. It is known exactly what it should be a wine. Ideally, from the same wine-growing area where snails grown. Figuratively speaking, to get two crops per grapevine.



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