Tea is rumored to have first been discovered by the Emperor of China in 2737 BC, while boiling water in the shade of a tree. A light breeze caused some leaves to fall into the water, which the emperor tasted and found to be delicious. Since then it has traveled the world conquering the thirsts of virtually every country on the planet.

Tea is now the most popular beverage in the world as well as one of the healthiest. Tea spent many centuries being a staple of the Asian and Indian populations. Tea finally arrived in England during the 17th century when King Charles II married a Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza.  The Queen made tea the drink of royalty and soon tea became a popular import to Britain via the East India Company. Afternoon tea soon became a staple in the life of the British people.

The British brought tea along with them to the American colonies where it was heavily taxed, and this angered the colonists. They protested by dumping tea into Boston Harbor thus precipitating the start of The Revolutionary War.

As you see, tea has played a pivotal role throughout the world’s history. Think of this the next time you lift that teacup to your lips, you are now a part of that history.