Vinegar is one of those ingredients that people don't think of as often as they should. It is mostly just seen in salad dressings and pickles, which is a shame, because there is a whole world of flavor there just waiting to be tapped into. Vinegar is a living ingredient created through the process of fermentation. Sugar is converted into alcohol, which is then fermented into vinegar. Fresh vinegar has a very sharp and biting taste. Its true quality is best revealed by aging. During aging, it becomes mellower. A minimum of six months is required for vinegar to begin to attain its highest qualities. The longer it is aged, the more these subtle qualities will develop.

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Since vinegar can be made from anything with sugar, there are probably too many different types to count made in countries throughout the world. Each country may use starting materials native to their area and tailored to the specific tastes of the region. Typical retail varieties of vinegar include white distilled, cider, wine (white and red), rice, balsamic, malt and sugar cane. Other, more specialized types include banana, pineapple, raspberry, flavored and seasoned (e.g., garlic, tarragon). Marky’s Gourmet has many different types available for your culinary delight.