American especially, but also people all over the world enjoy a tall refreshing glass of freshly brewed iced tea, but who wants to wait around for it to chill in the fridge ! But just how to achieve the desired results of cold, perfectly brewed tea, right away, has long befuddled the masses.

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Enter the Tea Forté Tea-Over-Ice brewing pitcher. This pitcher is built to accommodate (and mirror, visually) the large pyramid shapes of Tea Forté's signature tea bags. You steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher, stacked over top another pitcher of ice, and then "Flash Chill" the hot tea by pouring it into the ice in the lower pitcher. These ingenious pitchers are made from hand-blown heat-resistant glass, and the proportions of hot water, tea and ice are perfectly balanced to produce a fresh 24 oz. pitcher of iced tea with each infuser. Now you can have the perfect cup of “iced” tea anytime!