Blooming Champagne Cocktail with Wild Hibiscus

1 wild hibiscus flower, a few drops of syrup from the flowers, Champagne or Prosecco.

Makes 1 cocktail

Position the flower in your champagne flute
position the hibiscus flower

To make the cocktail, position a flower in the bottom of a champagne flute. The flowers have little feet of sorts, which makes it easy to stand them up. Take the time to get it centered and standing up (I used two chopsticks to get it upright) so the flower blooms completely. Add a few drops of that beautiful pink syrup from the jar.

Fill the flute with bubbly

Pop open your bubbly. You can use Champagne or Prosecco. (You can also make a fabulous non-alcoholic version with sparkling cider.) Pour the bubbly into your glass slowly, so you don’t dislodge your flower. (Remember: You want to keep him on his feet.)

As the bubbles stream up, the petals will bloom, opening the flower up.

hibiscus flowers cocktail

The flower is completely edible and tastes like a cross between a rasberry and rhubarb.

hibiscus champagne cocktail