A fun and entertaining part idea is to host a Mad Hatter themed Tea Party. You can sent out invitations shaped like a teacup and include a teabag in the envelope. Tell your guests not to be late for a very important date, just like the White Rabbit. Have party guests wear the craziest hats they can find.. The party decorations can be inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

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Set up a long table, covered with all different kinds of teapots, mismatched teacups and saucers, chandeliers, etc. Combine normal sized teacups with some huge ones (like a flower planter), and some tiny ones as well (like those from a dollhouse tea set).

Use a colorful tablecloth. Have an assortment of 'odd' chairs around the table, so that people have to sit at different heights. Place a large armchair at the head of the table, for the main guest. You can also decorate the walls with playing cards (normal size or really huge cards from cardboard), and the floor with a chessboard-like pattern. Scatter around some chess pieces.


Attach labels with the words “eat me” and “drink me” to all kinds of things, like the sugar bowl and bottles .Bake little cupcakes with the words 'eat me' written on them in icing. Serve many different teas, iced and hot. If you like - you can also serve tea-infused alcoholic cocktails.