Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky's

What Is Truffle Butter?

It’s a flavorful blend of natural butter, salt, and sliced or grated fresh truffles.

Bits of black or white truffle are infused into butter at the later stage of the butter-making process. So, the creaminess of dairy-based butter smoothly interlaces with the nutty and earthy taste of fresh truffle.

Where to Buy Truffle Butter at Its Best?

High-quality truffle butter from the French and Italian producers is available for sale at Marky’s online store.

What you’ll receive in one business day is a gourmet topping for your favorite poultry, pasta, or just for boiled potato. Truffle butter will lift any dish up to a restaurant-like level.

Let’s see what you can buy online at Marky’s.

French black or white truffle butter from Terroirs d’Antan

It will add that special French delicacy to your menu. French cuisine is world-famous for its interesting flavors, after all.

The truffle butter from Terroirs d’Antan is lavishly enriched with bits of fragrant fungi. You’ll need no more than a slice or two of it to smell and taste the striking combination of cream, mushroom, garlic, and nut.

After you open it, you can keep it in the fridge for about a week. But please note that the longer you keep the butter, the weaker its flavor becomes.

Italian white truffle butter from Eugenio Brezzi

Who knows more about white truffles than Italian artisans? They hunt for these precious fungi with faithful trained dogs in the forests. So, the butter is always complemented with the aromatic mushrooms fresh from the wild.

The white truffle butter from Eugenio Brezzi is a smart choice of gourmets who would like to introduce white truffles to their kitchen. This butter is 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. It’s a scrumptious and healthy option.

And if you want something that really tastes like Italy, buy the white truffle butter with Parmesan from Eugenio Brezzi. Just add it to your spaghetti. Buon appetito!

Pay attention to the shelf life. The butter is at its best for seven days.

Truffle Butter: Food and Recipes

So, you’ve just received your gourmet online order. What will you do with it?

  • Going to make a few burgers for a picnic or lunch? Infuse each of them with a slice of the butter.
  • Ravioli. Add truffle butter to them and taste the pungent difference.
  • Buttered mashed potatoes will become your staple.
  • Pasta and spaghetti will taste heavenly.
  • Stuff a few dollops into the turkey or chicken and bake. Even if it’s not Thanksgiving, why not enjoy such a treat?

If you aren’t going to use the butter right after it’s delivered to you, put it into an airtight container and freeze. So, you can keep it for up to six months. But of course, you’d better use it right after you buy it.

Enjoy premium-quality truffle butter from the time-tested purveyors. Order online at Marky’s.