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Welcome to Marky’s Truffles and Mushrooms Section!

In our truffles and mushrooms category you can choose gourmet mushrooms from the hundreds of submitted titles opens to you its range. Here you can find wide selection of various types of mushrooms. There are only true gourmet mushrooms at your disposal. And most importantly, here you can buy truffles!

Precious Mushroom

Truffles are a genus of delicious mushrooms with underground tuberous fruits. There are hundreds of their varieties, but the most expensive are black ones from Périgord in France and white ones from Umbria and Piedmont in Italy.

The black type is distinguished by a strong, persistent and very distinct aroma and slightly nutty taste. So if you buy black truffles, be sure that your dish will acquire a stunning flavor.

The white one is a rarer species. That is why it is the most appreciated among mushrooms. Externally it is similar to Jerusalem artichoke, it has a brown peel and a light flesh with red veins. White truffles have even more pronounced aroma than dark ones.

The high cost of these fungi is due to the specific conditions for their growth, the method of their collection, storage and, of course, the refined taste and aroma.

However, if you are looking for where to buy truffles, then you should definitely pay attention to Marky’s. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Here you can buy boletus of popular varieties such as Morel Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms and Shitake Mushrooms. Beware that mushrooms price for all positions are proven and most affordable. Please note that for the preparation of such oils, the white truffle is usually used. Dishes with fish, vegetables and meat receive extra flavor when adding olive oil with truffles.

Pay attention to the collection of precious Black truffles. Also we are pleased to offer you Italian White Truffles and numerous specialties such as Truffle Cheese, Truffle Oil and Truffle butter.

Marky's cares about its customers. That is why you have the possibility to buy truffles at the best price. Just order a product that you like and we will deliver it in a convenient place for you!

Truffle cultivation remains essentially empirical and small-scale: truffles are neither sown nor planted. They spring up spontaneously when the fungal spores encounter the rootlets of an oak tree (or another symbiotic species) and form a mycorrhiza, which takes its nutrients from the tree; the truffle itself is the fruiting body of the fungus. For gourmands world-wide, truffles are considered to be the rare diamonds of one’s kitchen. They impart their exquisite flavors to any dish and enhance the natural essence of the food which they accompany. During cooking, their aromas are further intensified.

This product has a short shelf life. Therefore, to appreciate the uniqueness of the taste, it is worth trying fresh. Marky’s gives you the opportunity to buy truffles online, but you need to make a pre-order for this. The time of your expectation will be completely compensated by the great gastronomic impression of the consuming of this delicacy.

Where Can I Buy Truffles?

Our shop offers black and white truffles, the price of which is quite acceptable to fans of the original dishes. If you want to diversify your usual cuisine with new recipes and taste tones, products with truffles will be an excellent choice. Not every store is ready to offer this to you, but it's not about us. Our shop guarantees you an excellent purchase with a world-class guarantee.