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Pork Belly, Pancetta Stesa Iberica

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8 - 12 lb In Stock

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Pork Belly, Pancetta Stesa Iberica description:

Pork Belly, Pancetta Stesa Iberica - 8-12 lb, by Finca Helechal, Spain

Iberico Pork Belly is known as Pancetta Iberica. This flattened pancetta type is called "stesa" in Italian, which makes it different from the rolled pancetta type known as "arrotolata". It is derived from natural, antibiotic-free pork meat that is processed and cured. The pork belly meat is trimmed, dry-salted, spiced and cured, resulting in tender sliced with a delicate taste. Pancetta is well-balanced due to the presence of white fat streaks throughout it. Pancetta Stesa is often used chopped as an ingredient in many recipes, including stews or stir fries, or cut in thick strips that are grilled.

Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Net weight: 8 - 12 lb
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: Fermin
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Brand: Finca Helechal


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