Goose Mousse Suprême with Sauternes

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Goose Mousse Suprême with Sauternes

Goose Mousse Supreme with Sauternes- 3.2-3.6 lb, by Terroirs d'Antan, USA.

Terroirs d'Antan presents you with this incredibly smooth and flavorful Goose Mousse Supreme pâté. In accordance with traditional French recipes, the goose liver is marinated in a mixture of Sauternes Wine and is whipped with milk, eggs, and a selection of masterly selected spices prior to cooking. Then, the goose foie gras is processed to a perfect consistency with an airy texture. Finally, the gentle mousse is brought to readiness by baking in fire-resistant tins.

To Serve

This Goose Mousse Supreme is ready to eat. It is best to apply this pâté on toasted, thin slices of golden rustic baguette and serve it with fruits. It can also be enjoyed on its own! As you know, the best companion to foie gras dishes is fine wine. For this delicacy, the best choice is a chilled dessert wine.

Bon Appetit!

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Ingredients Goose liver, duck liver, duck fat, chiken fat, milk, fresh eggs, sauterness, cornstarch, salt, sugar, hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat proteins, pepper, spices, Aspic: Water gelatin, vinegar, cognac, salt

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