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Salmon Roe is a great gift of our mother nature which is incredibly delicious and wholesome at one and the same time. Very often it is called 'red caviar' for being as precious and delicious as the original Sturgeon 'black' caviar and it is also well known in Asia as 'ikura' which is a Japanese transliteration of the Russian word for prepared roe 'ikra'. The most attractive in this product apart the incredible taste and flavor is the affordable red caviar price!

The Salmon Roe for sale comes from different kinds of the Salmon family fish harvested in Northern parts of Atlantic and Pacific ocean and in the northern countries like USA, Canada, Russia, France. Salmon roe has bright and large beads that combine flavor and wholesomeness for a colorful stroke to a gourmet cuisine, providing the human body precious omega-3 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. The tight and translucent eggs of the Salmon roe caviar vary in color from red to bright orange color with a specific red 'eye'. They are ideally matched with any background like toasts or blinis with Crème Fraîche, alternatively they are perfectly suited for decorating exquisite salads or hors d'oeuvres. It brings absolute delight with its fresh and briny flavor, as also a wallet-friendly Salmon Caviar price that allows indulging this delicacy on an everyday basis.

So, where to buy salmon roe?

Here at Marky's Gourmet Store we have a wide choice of Salmon Roe for sale harvested from Sockeye, Keta, Alaskan Salmon and Pink Trout:

  • Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar 'Malossol' is considered as one of the highly valued roes. The succulent eggs are medium to large size, the color is red-orange with a merely visible small eye. Its envelope is medium crisp and the beads easily burst in the mouth with a medium salty oily brine, unleashing the mild flavor of the fresh Salmon.
  • Salmon Roe Keta Caviar boasts with really big eggs. The envelope is translucent and firm, concealing a honey-like and sweet juice of a rich golden-orange color that perfectly shines in a bright light.
  • Pink Trout Roe Caviar is a product harvested from the farmed pink trout from France. The medium sized eggs have a bold flavor which is pretty strong but not too fishy. Semitranslucent orange beads are characterized with an orange-red eye.
  • Coho Salmon Roe (Oncorhynchus Kisutch) is a fresh salmon roe caviar wild caught in Canada. Along with its incredibly rich and fresh sea flavor, it is filled with the wholesome vitamins, minerals, nutritive elements, and acidic oils that are highly praised by those sticking to the healthy diet. The Malossol way of preparation only emphasizes the incredible taste and flavor. The red-orange beads are large and translucent with juicy brine inside.
  • Smoked Trout Roe comes as one of the best delicacies in the line of the roe Salmon. The best Trout roe caviar is prepared Malossol and then undergoes the smoking procedure on the fruit woods that emphasizes the briny taste of the Trout, adds the light smoke flavor, and makes the eggs more viscous in texture. The Trout caviar is a true delight for your everyday indulgence!

For the recent two decades, the amount of farmed Salmon caviar for sale has outnumbered the wild catch in times and this has allowed filling the market with a reasonable quantity of the high quality product and making Salmon roe price more affordable. Moreover, aquafarms make the impact to the wild nature less sensitive and bring this important link back into the great chain of life.

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