American Paddlefish Caviar

The Marky's Paddlefish Caviar comes from the original American Paddlefish freshwater sturgeon and is one of the entry level roes. It is often called the first-timers caviar for its bold and earthy flavor. Nevertheless it has delicate buttery taste that smooths over palate.

Paddlefish caviar is a decent alternative to fancy sturgeon caviars. It features the same light gray color and delicate buttery taste. And due to smaller numbers on its price tag, paddlefish caviar appears a more attractive treat to buy.

Also known as spoonbill roe, it’s a smart choice for beginner gourmets who want an encouraging introduction to the rich variety of caviars. Plus, paddlefish roe is both a sumptuous and more budget-friendly delicacy. 

If you’re searching for something delicious, reasonable, and not commonplace to add to your menu, opt for a jar of pure American Paddlefish caviar from Marky’s.

What Is Paddlefish Caviar?

This caviar comes from the roe of the American paddlefish, the close relative of the sturgeon. That’s why in the world of gastronomy, paddlefish caviar is widely acknowledged as a credible substitute for sevruga or kaluga caviar.

For about 400 million years, paddlefish have been native to the waters of the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky rivers. 

Paddlefish grow huge – up to 10 feet in length – and can weigh up to 200 pounds. With its long paddle-shaped snout, the adult fish may resemble a shark from a horror film. But in the wild, they’re absolutely peaceful and eat only zooplankton – little organisms drifting in river waters.

However, the giant fish need 15 years and more to mature and give offspring. So, a female paddlefish can be harvested for roe at the age of at least 15, and obviously, only once in its life. 

This is one of the reasons why paddlefish roe still remains the symbol of scarcity and gastronomic luxury.

Like the Rarest Caviar from Sturgeons

Indeed, paddlefish caviar looks and tastes like the deluxe varieties of sturgeon caviar.

The color of the paddlefish caviar is light gray or silver gray, like that of sevruga caviar. The sizes of grains of the two caviars are also similar, with paddlefish grains ranging from small to medium.

While the grains of paddlefish caviar lack the crisp “pop” of sevruga roe, their softer and tenderly enveloping texture compensates it successfully. The grains are full with flavorful “juice,” combining buttery, smoky and earthy notes.

Your Checklist of the Best Pairings

If it’s the first time you’re tasting paddlefish caviar, spoon a small portion of it out of the jar and taste the caviar as is, without any accompaniments. You need to understand the pure flavor. So, you’ll know better what you personally would like to pair it with.

If the flavor appears too bold for you, you may like to try paddlefish caviar with boiled eggs or with blinis and crème fraîche. These pairings will smooth the pungency of the caviar. 

On the other and, if you want to highlight the special tang, put a dollop of caviar beads on top of a cracker or baguette slice, and make a small sip of white wine or Champagne.

Also, you can make a caviar board with cheeses like Brillat Savarin, chives, and pickles. It’s a no-effort appetizer that can impress even the most spoilt gourmets in your company.

Speaking of beverages, paddlefish caviar fully reveals its savor with Champagne, white wines like Chablis and white sparkling wines, and cold vodka.


*on some occasions PADDLEFISH CAVIAR is substituted by higher end sturgeon caviar

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American Paddlefish Caviar

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