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Historically, the sturgeon fishery has been concentrated in the basins of the Caspian Sea. Because of uncontrolled fishing, sturgeon population reached a critical point in the natural environment. That is why connoisseurs were limited in the possibility of consumption of sturgeon for a long time. However, thanks to the development of Sturgeon Aquafarms, which was authorized to trade in sturgeon, today foodies can again enjoy the indescribable taste of fresh fish.
It is generally accepted that sturgeon is one of the oldest species of fish. It is rumored that at the houses of the Roman patricians, sturgeon was served on a gold dish decorated with fresh flowers. To this day, sturgeon is a fish for lovers of delicate and exquisite taste. In our store, you can appreciate the advantages of buying whole fish. This is possible thanks to the function of fast fresh freezing, which allows us to safely store fish and transport it to any distance without losing its nutritional and taste qualities. Marky’s provides whole fish for sale, so that you can easily immerse yourself into history and bake a big beautiful fish with greens, vegetables and spices. Be sure that this dish will become the zest of your table and the guests will not soon be able to recover from such a gastronomic experience. Of course, we are talking about beluga.
Everyone knows about beluga. Many classic and historical works mention "the fish of kings", which only the richest people could eat before. Today, beluga is still one of the most exquisite fish, moreover, it is carefully protected by law. Fortunately, the existence of Sturgeon Aquafarms has opened doors for foodies to the world of consumption of this delicacy. Today you can buy beluga meat and be sure that this will not have any negative consequences on its population in the wild environment. Believe that the texture and tenderness of this meat will completely change your perception of fish.
Sevruga is a valuable fish delicacy with dense, tender, and juicy meat. Among other sturgeon species, sevruga is distinguished by the fact that its meat has the best dietary properties. It has very little fat and many protein fibers. Besides, this fish is practically harmless and has no contraindications. Our Gourmet Store provides you with the easy way to taste this legendary flavor.
Sturgeon meat – this is a rather expensive delicacy due to a number of explainable and well-known factors. However, there are price alternatives, for example, fresh starlet. This fish is more accessible in view of the fact that it did not come so close to the critical point of extinction as other sturgeon species. This does not affect its refined taste. You only need to make an order and you will be completely seduced by a whirlwind of softness and amazing taste.
The culture of consumption of fresh fish is growing. Therefore, the quality control by the seller becomes more stringent. We do everything to ensure that our fresh frozen fish is delivered to you without delays at the fastest possible time. Delivery conditions with the optimum temperature regime guarantee the safety of the product. Now, when fresh fish is available online, everyone can order it and evaluate the benefits of its taste.