Dive into delight with Marky's norwegian smoked salmon fillets

Smoked Salmon Smoked Salmon

The Next Level of Gourmet Innovation

Pinnacle has been Marky's lineup of smoked salmon for over a decade, With exceptional quality and customer satisfaction rates. Now, we've brought these outstanding products under Marky's name. They truly deserved it!

Inspired by the ocean, we've created beautiful, silky vessels in Marky's signature Hue, "Midnight in the tropics." Built robustly and adorned artfully, they're designed to keep the salmon fillets well-protected and at their best.

Attractive from every angle, our premium smoked salmon fillets are cut from the most tender, succulent sections of the fish.

Internally coated with metallic foil, our innovative cylindrical packages keep the fillets fresh and cool.

Explore the depths of the Norwegian sea with the indulgent taste of Marky's premium Smoked salmon fillets.

Luxurious, Velvety smooth fillets available in royal, imperial, and marquis cuts.

Royal Fillet

Cut from the salmon's richly flavorful belly

Imperial Fillet

Cut from the salmon's succulent back

Marquis Fillet

Cut from the salmon's delectable flanks
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