White Sturgeon

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White Sturgeon Caviar from Marky's is a national pride due to its American origin from aquafarms in California. As such, Californian White Sturgeon Caviar is often used as a substitute for Siberian Sturgeon and Russian Osetra. As an American member of the Sturgeon family, White Sturgeon produces caviar that greets the palate with its nutty flavor that is simultaneously smooth and robust. It has generously large-sized beads of varying color, from golden brown to dark gray, and a glossy and shiny exterior.
American White Sturgeon Caviar from Marky's is a national pride and our delight. This American member of the Sturgeon family produces caviar that gratifies the senses with its nutty flavor, at once smooth and robust. Generously sized beads of the Californian White Sturgeon Caviar vary in color from golden brown to dark gray with a glossy and shiny envelope.
Product characteristics:
  • Farmed-raised
  • USA, California
  • Light golden, olive green to deep golden brown and black colored pearls, hints of chestnut
  • Gentle, large size beads
  • Mild buttery and nutty flavor
  • Clean mineral finish
  • Best served alone on a blini
  • Drinks: champagne brut or brut rose

Suggested use: White Sturgeon caviar is a great substitute for the world renowned Russian Osetra or Siberian Sturgeon. Its medium dark beads, mild taste and clean buttery finish will be greatly appreciated by those whose palate is used to mild flavored foods. This caviar can be suggested for a sophisticated party, wedding or cocktail reception where it will be served as a separate dish or as an appetizer. Comparably moderately priced and excellent quality makes it a preferable choice for a high end event with a large number of guests. This Caviar can also be suggested to a chef who is interested in adding Caviar to his menu at a restaurant and serve it as an individual dish with some accompaniments. White sturgeon is also a preferred choice for first timers since it has a very subtle and mild taste, smooth texture and dark color beads, which will satisfy their expectations.
Note: American White Sturgeon caviar is also incorrectly marketed as American Osetra, American White Sturgeon Osetra or White Sturgeon Osetra.
The White Sturgeon Caviar price is very attractive comparing to the imported caviars and we are proud to offer to those looking for bargains an American White Sturgeon Caviar Set for a very special price that is going to be very interesting for a party or a family dinner. This set consists of:
American White Sturgeon Caviar, 2 oz.
Russian Original Handmade Blini, 36 pcs.
Crème Fraîche, 7-8 oz.
As most of the other black caviars on the modern gourmet food market, the White Sturgeon Caviar is also harvested from farmed fish originating from the Californian ponds filled with artesian drink quality water.
The human impact on the natural habitat of the wild species is getting more and more serious every year, the poaching, industrial water pollution and dams cutting the ways to the traditional spawning spots have put many fish species to the brink of extinction, and the American White Sturgeon is one of the most endangered species now. The first aquafarms in the US were founded as early as in 1880's and for more than 130 years this industry is constantly growing and developing the technologies of keeping, raising, and feeding of the fishes as also harvesting the caviar. Modern aquafarms are providing the best possible living conditions for the fish that dramatically supersedes the natural environment in terms of water quality, food availability and its quality. The huge tanks and artificial ponds are filled with drink quality water that is continuously aerated and purified in a natural way through the adjacent fields fertilizing the soil and achieving natural mineralization. A specially balanced natural diet of worms, crustaceans, small fish, and mollusks allows achieving the consistent praised White Sturgeon caviar flavor and highest quality that can even compete with the wild catch caviar from the Caspian sea but the farmed White caviar price is way more attractive. Thus, the farmed domestic White Sturgeon caviar became a favorite among chefs of the most popular restaurants. Moreover, the aquafarms became a sustainable and most environment-friendly source of caviar and delicious flesh that doesn't influence the wild nature.
The American White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) is considered to be the biggest fresh-water fish of the North America inhabiting the river basins, deltas, and seashores from the Aleutian Islands to Central California. It is also called a Pacific Sturgeon, Oregon Sturgeon, Columbia Sturgeon, Sacramento Sturgeon, and California White Sturgeon. It is the third biggest freshwater fish in the world after Beluga and Kaluga with the biggest recorded size of 6.1m and weight of 816kg. Normally the wild speciments grow to about 2m and nearly 50kgs.
The American White Sturgeon is a slender fish with an elongated body, head, and mouth. The color is much lighter than of the other Acipenseridae and varies from gray to gray-brown or pale olive, only the belly is pure white, that has given the name to the species. This species just like other Acipenseridae didn't change a lot for nearly 300 millions of years and makes a strong impression with its shark-like dorsal fin, tail, rough skin, and rows of hard scutes instead of usual fish scales building a kind of armor.
The American White Sturgeon is among the long-livers of the sturgeon family and can live up to 100 years in the wild nature. Such a long life period also predetermines the long maturation time which is 15 to 20 years and the spawning time happens within the periods of a couple of years.
American White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus), also known as Pacific sturgeon, is the largest fresh water fish in North America. White sturgeon is listed as “least concern” on the IUCN Red List and protected by CITES. This fish can reach up to 20 ft in length, weigh 1800 lbs and live up to 100 years. Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 8 - 11 years and males at the age of 4. Adult fish spawn every 2 - 8 years. Their natural habitat is the bottom of slow moving rivers, bays and estuarine areas, including the mouths of large rivers. White Sturgeon is native to Canada (British Columbia) and the United States (Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington) In their natural environment, White Sturgeons are scavengers, feeding on dead fish and other remnants, but more so on shrimp, clams, crabs, worms, mussels, snails and small bony fish.