Winning Top Chef gets you a lot of things: a hefty cash prize, culinary fame, a starring roll at the country’s premier food festival and much more. But the competition series’ most recent champ has earned a rare perk in the wake of his victory—his own limited line of caviar.

The season 19 champ Buddha Lo has collaborated with the premium roe purveyor Marky’s Caviar on his own duo of offerings, christened Saint Urgeon. Since 2019, Lo has worked with Marky’s as the executive chef of the company’s caviar speakeasy Hūso, where he’s served an elegant $225 tasting menu. Over the years, he’s gained a deep knowledge of fish roe and developed a rarefied palette for them, resulting in this more recent collab.

The Saint Urgeon caviars—of which there are two—are sourced exclusively from sustainable sturgeon farms chosen by the Marky’s team. The first, Classic Kaluga (also known as River Beluga), was originally processed by Caspian salt masters so that it has the finest possible salt content. The firm, large eggs come in a glossy, dark amber color, and have mellow, rich and buttery notes, similar to Caspian Beluga caviar. The Classic Kaluga is priced at $80 per ounce.

Lo’s second offering is Premium Osetra, produced by one of the oldest Osetra fisheries in northern Israel. The pure water and continuously aerated fish ponds ensure high-quality conditions, and result in medium-large, firm eggs with a golden olive or light brown color. The Premium Osetra has a nuttier flavor than the Classic Kaluga, and will run $100 an ounce.

Chef Lo also helped with the packaging the roe arrives in. Inspired by native Australian culture and the chef’s passion for florals and gardening, the caviar tins feature zig-zag wattle and banksia florals, in a delightful pink hue.

Both varietals are available for purchase online and at Marky’s shops.

Source- Robb Report