While uni, truffle, and wagyu are culinary trends everybody is posting about, one food has epitomized luxury way before the rise of Instagram: caviar.

Bursting with rich flavor and even richer history, caviar has been a prominent status symbol since the beginning of time.\

Representing the crème de la crème of the culinary world, nothing screams “I’ve made it” more than Beluga caviar with a side of crème fraîche.

Because let’s face it, does it get more spoon-fed than eating caviar with a spoon?

In honor of National Caviar Day, we’ve rounded up the most exquisite caviar tastings in all of New York City.


Behind Madison Avenue Marky’s Caviar retail shop, and through a curtain, you’ll find HŪSO: the first-ever “farm-to-spoon” caviar speakeasy that is breaking all culinary conventions. Helmed by fine-dining veteran Buddha Lo, the winner of Top Chef Season 19, HŪSO is an unparalleled experience you don’t want to miss. The Beluga and bubbles, a bump of caviar accompanied by a glass of champagne, is the true mark(y) of opulence. And don’t forget about the Alaskan King Crab “hotdog” and the lemon roe pasta. Truly phenomenal.

Source- GOTHAM