Marky’s Caviar and HŪSO, the UES gourmet retailer and adjoining restaurant run by two-time Top Chef winner Buddha Lo, will take the L’Angolo space on Greenwich and Duane, with an anticipated opening date of December for the retail and early 2024 for the restaurant.

The company opened its first restaurant/retail operation with this model on Madison and 82nd in 2019 (the original stores are in Florida), with the boutique in the front offering all sorts of fish roe and gourmet products (Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, domestic Hackleback and Paddlefish, as well as other delicacies like foie gras, truffles, smoked salmon and the chef’s private label caviar line, Saint Urgeon). Then in the rear is HŪSO, a 12-seat restaurant named for the Latin word for Beluga.

The restaurant caught on fire this spring, but has recently reopened. Eater reports that there’s a 3000-person waiting list for the 12 seats. The company also has a caviar shop in Grand Central, which they opened a year ago.

The L’Angolo space is just 1200 square feet, but the HŪSO folks said that’s bigger than the Madison Avenue space and will allow the chef to create a more robust culinary program. “HŪSO Tribeca will offer a multi-course [the UES restaurant has eight] tasting menu with premium ingredients sourced directly from Marky’s Caviar including its own domestic aquafarm.”

Lo, an Australian who worked at Eleven Madison Park, was crowned winner of Top Chef’s 20th season this past spring, in the World All-Star Edition, as well as the previous season. He’s known for his Parker House rolls, Coddled Egg with Black Pudding, Brown Butter Hollandaise and Tomato Tea.

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