To Russia with Love: Future of Caspian Beluga in hands of Florida Farm

Press Release Source: Optimus Inc. To Russia with Love: Future of Caspian Beluga in hands of Florida Farm


Chef Davide Piana
Beluga Sturgeon
(Source: Optimus, Inc.)

Bascom, FL - July 6, 2011 - The future of Caspian Beluga in the hands of Florida's Sturgeon Aquafarms, which plans to repopulate the sturgeon with its latest breeding efforts.

Sturgeon Aquafarms is making an effort to decrease pressure on wild Beluga sturgeon populations in the Caspian Sea, through breeding of an original Caspian Beluga stock. The larvae produced in Florida will be sent to Russian fisheries located around the Caspian Sea and Sea of Azov, which will reintroduce the species into the wild in the Spring of 2012.

The successful initial breeding of the Beluga was announced in February with a second breeding in May of this year. Since then, the Beluga have grown exponentially in a short period of time due to the warm conditions in Northern Florida and the controlled pristine conditions of the farm, which uses a local aquifer to supply water to the tanks. The conditions have proven ideal for aquaculture of this threatened species.

Sturgeon AquaFarms, LLC was formed in April 2001 to develop a commercial aquaculture business in the U.S. to breed, grow, and harvest selected species of sturgeon, including Beluga, which produce high-grade caviar and assist in the development of repopulation programs for use world-wide. Sturgeon Aquafarms aims to work closely with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as any export of live Beluga is subject to their approval.

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