Black Gold: World's Finest Caviar

Black Gold: World's Finest Caviar
Posted on Thursday, 10.13.11

An ode to cuisine, caviar is one of those succulent, gourmet delicacies we all love and enjoy. AHAlife is featuring three exotic choices from Marky's, known to have some of the best quality caviar in the market. Introduce someone to this delectable food or treat yourself to a delicious indulgence.

World Class Caviars
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Since references to caviar first appeared in ancient timesthe name comes from the Turkish khavyarit's been considered the food of royalty. Just to mention it, à la Cole Porter in "Let's Do It," is to conjure an image of decadence and sophistication. And since those are two of our best-loved adjectives, it was inevitable that we feature this most gourmet of delicacies. Today's caviar kit is brought to you courtesy of Marky's, the U.S.'s premiere caviar importer. It includes everything you might need to enjoy a caviar feast for two, including three varieties of this prized treat, blinis and crème fraiche for finishing, a mother of pearl spoon and plate, a sterling silver-plated caviar server, and a cooling bag. Bon appetit!


Marky's features high quality gourmet foods that have won several awards for their incredible taste and consistency. With businesses in Russia, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Uruguay and Latin America, Marky's imports and exports internationally to supply the best flavored goods to connoisseurs. As the first company to require DNA tests for species of caviar, the company can guarantee only the highest quality products. All of their caviar meets all regulations of CITES, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, FDA and more.

The company began with two Russian immigrants whose lives in Eastern Europe inspired the focus for caviar and gourmet products. Beginning as a seafood house, Marky's expanded into other specialty food markets to meet the requests of its South Florida clientele.

Marky's current focus as a caviar producer is to solve the over-fishing in the Caspian sea through its Beluga and Sevruga breeding program. The company hopes to export fingerlings back to the Caspian sea to reinvigorate the U.S. market and help world conservation.


Caviars come from places all over the world such as Israel and Italy Provides everything for full caviar experience, thus ideal for parties Hand carved mother of pearl utensils and sterling silver server included


-Storing: Only Refrigerated
-Shelf Life Refrigerated: 4-6 weeks
-Servings: 1 to 2

World Class Caviar Kit
Photo: World Class Caviar Kit
Marky's Caviar is offering a lavish kit of caviars and accoutrements to provide the complete epicurean experience. Spread one of the three caviars on the blini, add fresh cream and serve on the sterling silver tray for an impressive hors d'oeuvre. Then, store everything in the stylish cooling bag until your next dinner party.

Entire Caviar Basket:
-One Kaluga Caviar 1 oz
-One Italian Farmed Siberian Osetra Caviar 1 oz
-One Karat Israeli Farmed Russian Osetra Caviar 1 oz
-One Mini Russian Blini 36 ct
-One Original Russian Blini 6 ct
-One Crème Fraiche 8 oz
-One Hand Carved Mother of Pearl 4-inch Spoon
-One Hand Carved Mother of Pearl 4-inch Plate
-One Sterling Silver-Plated Caviar Server
-One Marky's Caviar Cooling Bag (may receive white or black depending on availability)

Shipping: 1-3 business days

Return policy: This item is final sale.